Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5 Things I Miss From My Childhood

The number of Forwarded messages of “missing my childhood’ or “wish I was a child again” floating around in various social networking sites and mails got me into thinking. If I missed five things from my childhood what would they be?
I thought for some time (had to) and came up with these five things :

1. Never having to cook.
            I guess one of the reason we women, appreciate our mother’s cooking after marriage is because only now we know how much effort it takes to provide good food three times a day consistently every single day without even a complaint or a frown.

2. Knowing what to do next. (Or maybe being told what to do next  )
When I was five my parents sent me to school.
Then I knew I had to pass and go the next grade till 12th standard.
Then I knew it was the same until I came to 12th.
Then I knew I had to write the entrance examination to get into a college and I did.
I finished college, got placed in a company and then I knew I had to do my masters (thanks to Paulo Coelho) and I did.
I did my masters and I got a good job and in the process in knew I had to marry him. And I did.
Now I am married for one and a half years, am in a good job, have a great life but I don’t know what to do next.
Or is it that I am so used to known paths that I don’t know what to do when it’s time to make one’s own!!

3. Butterflies
            Our house used to be surrounded by plots and during the month of March they would be full of wild wines and flowers. Now they seem to have disappeared. Living in a flat in the city of course makes it quite difficult to spot one. Somehow I find their seemingly chaotic movement and bright wings the most enchanting thing to see.

4. Not being able to find “Treasures”.
                    The smoothest round white stone, the rhinoceros beetle shell, the tiniest shell ever found…. How important they used to be. Nowadays I am not able to find such “treasures”. Nothing inanimate feels like a treasure anymore. And I don’t even have children yet. (I have heard parents say children are their treasures. Hence that sentence) 

5. Playtime
                            How wonderful it would be if we just got that assigned playtime now too. From 4:30 to 6:00.Playing with friends. Maybe even now we can make time and be with our friends but we all seem to be so wrapped up with our own respective families it doesn’t happen at all. Maybe I miss this the most. 
So this was my list of “What I miss most from my childhood”. Now tell me, what’s yours?
Coming up 5 things I don’t miss from my childhood ;)

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