Sunday, December 18, 2011

Buffet at Fresc Co

I think it's a a long time since I posted for my sake alone. For some time now increasing my page views has become a priority and I don't want it to be so . Everyday morning and evening and ever half and hour between I check my blogger and facebook account. How sad is it. As if I don't have a life at all.

Yesterday T mama , me and hubby went to Ambiance mall. After shopping we went to this restaurant which served continental food. Fresc Co. We went for the buffet .It was around 595/- excluding taxes. The food was really good.

They had a variety of dishes and everything was great. I especially liked the steamed fish . It was beautifully soft. My hubby loved the chicken dishes . The pizza tasted great too. In-fact , I say it is worth going there for a celebration or an anniversary or just for relaxation because the ambiance is so good. Finding nature is a little difficult here in Gurgaon . However a more pleasant surroundings I have not gone, even though there is not a plant visible. Its just the lighting and the colors of the decor . Was amazing.

Oh i did not tell about the desserts. They had a great choice of desserts too. I mean they have kept it in such a way that it was impossible to resist. I had fruits , cream caramel ( oh god they looked so adorable and tasted so great i just had to resist popping more than two into my mouth.) ,The cheese cake was great.( Have had 4 times before, This tied with another for the first place.) Chocolate mousse and Raspberry mousse was good too.Oh how I regret not taking photos. Anyhow I stopped at that.

hmmmmm I should have stopped before itself. I simply have to do something about the weight. Not able to wear fitting clothes anymore without cringing and I am someone who really doesn't care about how i look. :( Very very sad......

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