Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chillies are sweet :)

My husband I normally like the same kind of food except for one thing "Green chillies. "I don't know whats with green chillies and him. Even a sight of one shakes him.Its not that he doesnot like spicy food. He does but he should not see one face to face. That's all. I suspect he has a forgotten childhood story which involved him biting into one unexpectedly. Normally I comply with his request but when he objected to putting green chillies in omlettes(who has heard of a spicy indian omlette to not have chillies) it was very difficult for me to do that whole heartedly.

One day I was in a particularly unforgiving mood and he was in a particularly blundering phase, which was not good for my nerves. One thing led to another and that night I became indifferent and declared that I was not going to make dinner and he could do it himself if he wanted to have food (at that time my hubby knew to make only 3 things-make ok dosa,make great tea and boil egg .) The funny thing was, he had no idea of what was wrong but two months of being with me had taught him to know better than try to tackle me at that time so he dissapeared from our room.

After 15 min or so I had regained my calm enough to remember my duty as a wife -( i.e. to provide him with good food). So I got up and went to the kitchen passing the hall. While passing I saw my hubby cutting something green in the chopping board. It was Chillies ..Green Green Chillies. He had chopped one and was critically examining another (He told me later that he was contemplating whether one would suffice so that he wouldnot have to face the horror of cutting another). He wanted to make Omlette for me.

The sight just melted my heart and the next 10 min...well was very sweet. The Omlette we had that day was the best I had ever had and from that day on, green chillies lent more than spice to the recipe, they were now a remainder of my hubby's love for me.


  1. I have a similar weird thing for tapioca. I dont know what that is. Even the smell will put me off big time. and she has a worser one for (believe it or not ) Butter milk and Curd!!!

  2. butter milk and curd!!!!!!!!! oh my Gosh!!!!!


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