Friday, December 16, 2011

Determination Award :) Yea!!!!!

I recently started following Ritu' blog Vivify. I had somehow stumbled into her blog while mindlessly clicking links to finish my goal of finding 25 blogs to follow. I wanted those blogs to be something I really enjoyed following. Then I came upon this concept of doing one random act of kindness per week by following the Joy of giving cards which Ritu uploads meticulously every single week. Rather than me tell about it, you can find the info her blog. I won this award when i followed the Week 13 card :). For the last two weeks I have felt better ,been happier and felt useful. So this award by her is actually a second award for me. It feels good .... As Barney feels awesome :)


  1. congrats on the award. Ritu is my childhood buddy, a wonderful friend and a great human being!

  2. :) Yes i am discovering that :). I think i might have gone to her blog through your's only though of course i don't remember. i was searching for blogs.


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