Monday, December 19, 2011

The First Foggy Day this year :)

(Effect of the fog :))

Today we saw our first fog of the season.Oh! it was beautiful.I was not expecting it till January. So, i was pleasantly surprised when i saw it in the morning. We couldn't even see the opposite house.  And when we traveled to office, ( a little slowly because of the fog), I could actually see them suspended in the air above the ground.

Maybe it's because i have lived a greater part of my that the fog fascinates me. Fogs never occur there. I love clouds. Many are the pleasant memories of walks with a best friend looking and admiring them. That's why  I love fog. It's like the clouds have descended on the earth. I know it makes life a bit difficult but who cares. It's moments like this that makes one feel " the world is so beautiful".


  1. Wow! I so so sooooo miss Delhi :-(

    Hey, also wanted to tell you, I added the Follow by Email button to my blog...

  2. i love winters too... and fog. miss my days in nagpur!

  3. I love fog too!!! Loved the before and after pictures!! I also took some pictures of the first fog, not sure what the date was, but it was thick and beautiful.


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