Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goonj - Have Done it Atlast.

Today I started something which I hope, will be a tradition tomorrow. Normally mothers are the one who do the donating of old clothes, at least when were young, but then, as I am living so far now, it doesn't make sense to take them to the south corner of India to donate it even if I could. So I was wondering what to do aloud to my madam and suggested Goonj.  Have you guys heard of Goonj? Well it's a NGO which collects used clothes from people and send it to other people in need. I went to their site and liked their no-nonsense attitude. (Click on Goonj to go to their site. the website seems to be down rt now). So I packed two covers of clothes I was sure I wont wear ( couldn't wear was more like it. I was hoarding them, thinking I will wear them when I become thinner....but .....I don't know when its going to be possible).

Some of the dresses were so difficult to pack because I love them so much. But then I remembered reading somewhere that its better that somebody uses those stuff than letting them rot away. Made sense. Even then I kept aside two new dresses my MIL (Mother in  Law) gave to me . I hadn't worn even once and it had become small for me. I cant part from it yet. So I have decided I will keep these extremely sentimental dresses with today's date in a cover. If I don't become thin enough  to wear them by next year same time , I guess I will give it away to them.
It helps in de - cluttering also. A win win situation. But one should make sure of following their rules for donating their clothes. I liked their rules.

I had got the contact number of the NGO volunteer from the website and his house was near ours so all more the easy. We went and placed it inside the room they had kept for this purpose.

I have used this same technique for deculttering. Works ! My hubby wanted to check what's wrong with a faulty gas lighter which I wanted to throw out then and there. So I was having it. Months passed and  as expected it was still there. Ultimately I told my hubby that I will keep it until a particular event and then I would throw it. Sealed the deal. After those two months it was out of the house with no guilt attached.

(Have not been able to access the site. Will update once again after linking.)

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