Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Great Kebab Factory -Radisson Delhi

One thing this is the Radisson in Delhi and not Gurgaon. Second thing, we would have never gone there if we were not invited ;). Anyhow as we did go I may as well tell you how it was.

As I said, M uncle, M aunty , R mama, A appachchi, and her mother and the girls M and D  and the Mr  and Me made a party of nine. M uncle had made the reservations and they seated us in a round table. I think they knew M uncle pretty well .

 Every one liked the decor , it was part rustic (in A appachchi's words) and the roof resembled the sky.The glasses were a little different. It was good.The waiters were all dressed in overalls. M aunty explained that it was because this restaurant is projected as the Kebab Factory and they are the workers there.It had an open kitchen too.

After a little chit chat , they brought in the salad with strawberry sauce. I did not take the sauce, as I like my salad as they are, but the others seemed to enjoy it very much. Then they brought us this menu in wooden frame (I think there is only one menu). with vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Then they started bringing in food, first the kebab and lamb chop and different kinds of bread. was quite tasty. The Kebab there was very very very soft and it did truly melt in the mouth as they claimed. I liked the cinnamon saffron bread too. After some rounds I had to start saying no to many other dishes as it was becoming too heavy for me. Lamb, shrimp, chicken and fish made their appearances in various forms . Then they brought in Dal Makhani and Dal Curry. I had the Dal curry . But , the winner for me was the Chicken Briyani. It was the best I have had after I have come here.Roti, Paratha and Naan also made their appearance with mutton curry which my husband and relatives seemed to enjoy a lot

After this came the desserts. Desserts were good. But they were the normal North Indian spread.

As far as the rates are concerned I think it was around Rs1250/- excluding taxes per person. (That's why I said we may not have gone otherwise. ;) )

Anyhow if you want to treat your special someone to a special day , the ambiance is good.You can go there once and try. But of course... One should be really hungry when one reaches there. Else its difficult to make good the money you pay them  ;)

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