Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joy of giving- Card 15 -Gurusthanam

"Write a thank you note to a teacher who has inspired you" - This was the Joy of Giving card for Week 15, that Ritu uploaded for this week. ie week 15. Joy of Giving - Card 14, was "Close your Eyes and Practice Silence for 15minutes". The fact is, it's verrry difficult. I couldn't do it for even five minutes, let alone 15 :( . Anyhow ....

As soon as I read this JGC,many teachers who have inspired me, came to my mind. My earliest memory of one such teacher is Girija Devi teacher of VSSC school who believe it or not inspired me to bath every day. It was the time I used to hate bathing. Then there is one Rema devi teacher who is no more now; Khader sir , whose chemistry tuition classes I used to attend; that teacher whose name I don't know and whose class I have attended only once, In fact I have written about why she inspired me here in "Down the memory Lane". I was trying to get the mail ids of these teachers, when I remembered another teacher of mine, who has no phd, who has not taught in a class, but in my eyes, and many of my friends, she is a true teacher.

I see her every day in the office. Normally as a rule I have refrained from writing anything related to office but in this case I make an exception.  I am yet to see a more sincere person than her. She warned me to keep a balance with work and life. With her, you know whatever you say will not be used against you. There were instances when I used to feel why she forgive everyone so easily. Whenever you have a doubt she clears it. If she can't do that then and there, she sits with you until she does. Everyone goes to her because they know she will help them. I have seen her answer questions even when she is knee deep buried in work. And that's something I tell you. Even though she may not know it ,because of her smile and good nature, anyone would work for her willingly. She may not have taught in a class but she is a teacher in every way. And I thank her through this blog post. I don't want to write her name but she will know. And Even though, there may be times when there is friction between us because of the nature of our situation, the fact remains, that today and always, she will have the place of a "Guru" in my heart.   And if I am not wrong, she has that place in other hearts too.

Thankyou Maam, For being YOU.

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