Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joy of Giving Card (JGC)- Week13

I did it!. I actually did it again!

Yes, compared to Week 12 JGC of handing over 10 inspirational quotes to strangers; Week 13 card of making chai  for your night watchman, was easy. But, it would be a lie to say my heart did not race at the thought of just handing out tea to someone I have never even seen the face. (I know…..sad).

There he was standing, doing his job, watching the street dog and her kids play . Haha he might not have even noticed someone watching him like a hawk .(that was me). I waited till 10:00 pm but then, I watched him check if all the cars in our lane were locked or not. He was moving away from our house. But I knew he would come back. I planned everything to the moment, even the dialogues. When I saw him nearing; I ran down.

“Bhaiyya” I called out to him slowly.
“Meinea thodi chai banayee hain, piyogea?”

(Translated to …”Brother” (We call everybody not related, brother) “I have made some tea , Would you like to have some?).

He was surprised .It was apparent in his eyes. He did not smile. But then he looked like those father types men serious and straight, who rarely showed pleasure or pain outside that much.

“Tand hain. Garam kuch hain tho zaroor piyengea.”  

(Translated : Its cold here. If there is something hot , I will surely drink).

 I ran back home, poured the hot hot tea in a glass , ran back and gave it to him. Then I came back with the greatest grin in my face and told my husband with a giggly dance. “I did it”. “I did it”.

Surprised but smiling he asked, “You actually did it?” He is one person who knows how much of a scaredy puss I actually am. I am so glad I have him. He never dampens my excitement even when I do anything at all. I nodded happily.

 I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep. I can do this again. I can do this again. After drinking the tea the watchman just kept the glass outside our stairs. I couldn’t ask him if he liked my tea. But I am satisfied.

You know even though the cards say you are doing it for strangers, I think these cards help us give happiness to ourselves more.

And don’t you think it’s our duty to ourselves, to do things that make us happy?; because only then, can we make others happy.

Hence, Highly recommended to try them out .

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