Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Organ Donation -Part 1 --- For a Cause.

One of my goals to finish is getting an Organ Donation card. I have always wanted to do it , but again i was always scared to do it. I was hoping i will be able to do it atleast like this.I spent some time in the internet trying to find something about it. I found of a lot of things but what made an impression to  me was that Indians , Actually Asians are more reluctant to do so. Apparently they are afraid of the religious issues and other myths regarding this. I know exactly what they are talking about.
Whenever I think about this , a fierce debate goes on inside my head. Its as if i am just a silent spectator. I post this conversation below so that if at all there is a person like me trying to figure out what to do about this, maybe they will find that they are not alone.Maybe it will help them make their decision. Anyhow it helped me make mine in a way.

So here it is. My first play.Seriously don't know how to write one.Anyhow the idea was to clear my head.:)

Scene: Two girls in their 20s sitting simply and talking about Organ Donation.One is clearly a little softer in appearance and a little conscious of herself leaning toward the other who is slumped in her chair and looking at the first girl (henceforth "the timid one") with a "trying to figure out what's going on in your head" look

The Timid One : Someone said its prohibited to mutilate ones body in my religion.

The Logical One :  Its just somebody's opinion that God may have meant that. Anyhow if it was  your child. Would you still say 'my religion forbids' or would you donate? Be honest.

The Timid One : If I was perfectly honest , I guess I wouldn't care.

The Logical One:   Tell me if your child wanted an organ donation will you not scour the heavens and earth for the donar.

The Timid One: Why ofcourse I would. I would do everything possible in this world to save my child.

The Logical One : Then when you get a donar wont you thank his family, wont you be grateful,Wont you thank god.

The Timid One : Why ofcourse I would.

The Logical One : Then reverse the scenario. Why cant you be that donar? What if everyone thinks like you? From where will you get the donar.

The Timid One: (Taken aback but Convinced). OK .you are rt in the ascpect…But I am scared.

The Logical One :(Surprised) What for?

The Timid One :What if it happens like they show in the serials. I give my organs and then I get life back????

The Logical One:(incredulously) Are you listening to yourself????? Seriously???

The Timid One : Well, what if the doctors deliberately don’t save my life for the sake of the organs like they show in those cinemas.

The Logical One:  Ok no denying that there are scamming doctors but this doesn’t work like that. Anyhow if you were ever unfortunate enough to get near such poeple well…..what you fear will anyhow happen. I thought you had faith in god girl. And I thought you were educated!!!!

The Timid One: (confused )Well I do…I am …. But I dont know… I feel scared sometimes. What if I am mutilated in heaven or hell too.

(The Logical One rolls her eyes.)

The Timid One: (hurt and angry)You are rolling your eyes!!!…You are judging me. I honestly tell out my fears to you and you laugh at me…

The Logical One:(Smiling a little at the childish outburst) No no I am sorry. I did not mean to . I am sorry. Listen, do you remember the story we read?

The Timid One;(Somewhat mollified and in an ordering tone) Which story? Tell me.

The Logical One: Don’t you remember?: there is this man who sins in this world , he doesn’t care about being good but when his death approaches he gets scared of God and asks his sons to burn him and scatter his ashes into the sea because he did not want god to find him.

The Timid One : Oh yes..that one .But god just willed him to be there and he was .All in his flesh and blood.

The Logical One:(Like one asks to a child) Do youremember what happened next.

The Timid One: Well yes…. God asked him why he took the trouble to burn and scatter his ashes and the man replied because he was scared of God’s retribution.

The Logical One: Did God punish him then?

The Timid One: No…weird… God becomes happy and gives him a place in heaven.God confuses me sometimes. He doesnot act he way we think he will act sometimes.

The Logical One:. Well I think it meant that even though the man pretended he did not care , he actually did care and he believe in God so explicitly which actually pleased God. Hence he forgave the man and gave him heaven…
(adding a little dryly) and I guess an unmutilated body to go with his soul in heaven too….

The Timid One: Does that mean I can do anything? Interesting !!!

The Logical One: Ooook ,back to earth girl….I did not mean for you to think in that direction.What I meant was, don't you think if god can forgive him for such a  reason, god may not actually punish you for saving somebody’s life or giving some people the joy of their loved one being saved???

The Timid One….(slowly) I guess not…

The Logical One: You have faith in god….

The Timid One: I do…But….Sorry there is still a but….

The Logical One:No .thats ok…whats that but.

The Timid One : It’s a feeling, I am not able to express..

The Logical One: (With a sigh) It’s ok .I understand. Everything in its own time. Don’t worry about it... When the time is right what should happen will happen in the exact way it was supposed to happen. Atleast you are thinking about it. That's a good sign.

The Timid One : Maybe I need a sign ..

The Logical one tries one last time

The Logical One :  You know you want to do it. You have even put it in one of your 101 goal thing . Why would you do that if you really did not want to do the organ donation thing.

The Timid One  is silent.

The Logical One becomes silent too

The Timid One: (Praying fervently) Please give me sign God. I am confused. Please give me a sign

Note: Apparently The Logical One couldnot persuade The Timid One to give up on her fears.But if she could convince any of the readers , please, please do put a message.


  1. I have also been a big one for organ donations...although I have not enrolled in one yet and thus don't have a card... But Rahmath, reading this post has made me put that on my to-do list for the next one month...(hopefully I won't conk off before that)... Thank you so so much for this post!

    I do understand the trepidation of the timid one in your post... But practically speaking, when its time to donate an organ, our souls will be liberated from our bodies and then if our body and its parts (completely useless to us) can help someone get a new lease of life...I'd tell the timid one, do it babes!!! We live once, and we die once....

    I am sharing this post on FB...coz I want others to think and ponder over the organ donation issue as much as your post made me!

  2. Thanks ritu for the encouragement. Thanks for sharing it in your Facebook too.
    Actually my decision is almost made. I wanted to post the second part the next day itself. Did not do it till now. Will do it now.


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