Monday, December 19, 2011

Organ Donation - Part II - And the Sign

I wanted to write this within a day of writing the first part. I guess I should do this at least now.

On our train journey to Amritsar, I was happy. I was happy I was going to see the Golden temple and then fulfill another of my goals. Thinking about it suddenly reminded me of another goal of mine. “To Get an Organ Donation Card”. I don’t know why every time I think of organ donation, this fierce debate goes inside my mind.  I was “praying please give me a sign, please give me a sign” when my husband interrupted my thoughts.

“The train will stop at this station for 2 minutes .You want something to eat?.”
“Oh yes Please”, I replied… “get us two apples and two oranges (we were a party of 4 and ¼ J) “Nothing more ok, else it may go waste .After all it’s a short journey”.

Saying ok he got down with our friend’s husband. I was looking at outside the window when I saw a bunch of beautifully ripe yellow bananas. They were looking so tasty. I tried calling back my hubby to ask him to get some bananas too. But he was no where in sight.

The I started sending “telepathic signals to him “ ( That’s how much I wanted to eat bananas) .Hey if what say is true about ”two bodies and one soul” maybe he will buy them…. (Ya I know …I’m a bit crazy.)

My craziness was rewarded when my hubby came back with …guess what?????
Two apples, Two Oranges and one banana. I was sooo delighted.

“ Ooooooooh you bought me a banana. I so much wanted to eat them”

“Ah that’s a story……”he started but  I did not listen then.

 I almost pounced on it. Asked a hurried “ hey you want it? “ to the others . When they said no I happily started gobbling it down. Half way through I exclaimed “Is THIS a sign???”

“What sign?” My hubby asked.

Then I explained to him about this debate of mine and how I prayed for a sign and since he bought me a banana even without me telling him maybe this was a sign. ‘But what kind of a sign is this???! , there is Nothing connecting my hubby buying a banana for me and organ donation !!!!’ I wondered aloud.

He looked at me queerly. “ I did not BUY you a banana…Why should I buy a single banana when there are four elders and a kid here????”

Now it was my turn to look at him queerly.

“ To make the story short( he hates doing that btw), I bought the fruits and gave the vendor the money. But he did not have change. Neither did I. The train was going to start; there was no time to ask anybody else; so… he popped a banana inside the bag and gave it to me.”

I slowly looked down the limp banana peel in my hand. Suddenly I could see a connection. I had already eaten the fruit and the peel remained which I would throw soon. How similar is it to the body once the soul is departed. The body or the peel would be useless to me anymore. Was it not just a cover to contain my soul? But what if it could be of use to someone?

“Is this a sign?”  I asked my husband.

“That’s up to you to decide my dear”, he said and turned to his newspaper. He is one of the most diplomatic people I know. Anyhow the fact that he doesn’t think I am crazy is good enough for me J (At least that’s what he assures me )  Asking him more is just overstretching the vows of our marriage I guess.

Anyhow I think I will take it as a sign. I am not ready …but I think there are things you are never going to be ready. Just do the right thing (or what you think to be the right thing) and walk the walk. Anyhow it’s not like it’s written in stone. If I am right, if you have a change of heart you can convey it to your loved ones and they won’t take the organ from you after your death. But I think if I am going to die I will be worried of other things more.

The Joy of giving cards that Ritu uploads every week (which I think she chooses randomly) has one card which deals with Organ Donation. When it comes, I will take it as a sign form the Universe (Yes …I am a sucker of Signs. Not astrological mind you .One on one ones.)  The sign that it’s time to do it. And if I do it, When I do it , I will post the third part –“Organ Donation Part III – So the Path.”

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