Friday, December 23, 2011

Poochnea Mei kya Jatha Hain?

I never thought I would be so influenced by an ad as I have been by this ad from Tata Sky .Why ! it has changed my perception of somethings. "Poochnea Mei kya Jata hain?" . is translated to "What will we lose by just asking?". This has definitely become one of the Punch lines that has stuck.
'A teenager asking lift from a military parade officer'; 'A hostage asking the bankrobber for change';...they are the most hilarious circumstances with the above mentioned punch line making them ask for seemingly absurd favours.
Nowadays , when I come across a  situation where my timid self is a little shy of asking anything to someone, because she expects no for an answer;, I remind her involuntarily..... " Poochne Mei kya Jatha hai???"
Life changing indeed....


  1. My fav add is Mountain dew kya.... darr ke agay jeet hai!!!

    thanx for adding me...Keep writing Rahmath :)

  2. Its my pleasure humee, Ya that's a nice ad too but i wouldn't so those stunts :)


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