Friday, December 30, 2011

Rejuvinating Bedsheets

I found something, I found something......

We had brought a blanket from Spar a couple of months ago and i am sad to say it was not worth the money we paid it. bobbins came out... it looked like this....

And you know, I have used it only twice :(. I was raking my brains as to what I should do. A friend had suggested cutting it out using a scissors. But that's a very tedious thing. I was wondering what to do today and absent mindlessly, I dug my nails on it and saw it came out with my nails. I remembered something and I took a comb and ran it through the bed sheet.  Just with a few strokes, this was the effect.

Can you believe it??? (btw, I changed the camera mode and some difference in color came. I really should learn more about taking photos now...) Anyhow I was so happy I wanted to share it. I was thinking this sheet was a goner.

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