Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Saturday well spent :)

It's Sunday morning and hubby has just run of to office for an hour for something.This weekend was so much awaited.Its not that there was something special to do.its just that it feels so good to just be at home.During the weekends we bring the TV to our room and just laze about.Yesterday we saw 3 movies.3 and a half if you count the Korean movie.

1.The lady Vanishes ----A really nice movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It about the disappearance of a sweet old governess in the train which only the heroine acknowledges when everybody else denies the very existence of the lady.

2.Miss March ----- A truly teenage boy flick if i  may say so . I had thought "Miss March" will be some kind of an adaptation of the famous Josephine March of Little women but then found out that it was NOT AT ALL anything even remotely connected to her or her creed. My hubby was disgusted most of the time(and he is not a prude)  but i wanted to see where the movie went. Its about a 17 year old guy who goes to a coma and wakes up after 4 years and finds he is abandoned by his father and the love of his life who has gone and become a playboy girl. He is devastated and travels with his friend to find out how she could do such a thing!(Apparently the father leaving him is acceptable :) )

3. Up in the Air ------ Now this was worth seeing. This is the first movie i have ever seen of George Clooney. (Spykids doesn't count does it????). And it was a nice movie to see. Was it feel good????  I guess it was in some way, though we were wondering how someone can just spend their lifetime flying from one place to another. Clooney works for this company who send out people to fire other people whose bosses cant do it  themselves. A new college graduate suddenly proposes to do it online instead of personally, to cut the overhead costs and its up to Clooney to prove why one has to have face to face contact to fire someone.

3.5 She's on Duty -----I have seen 3 great Korean movies and this is not one of those. Anyhow it was enjoyable. It's about this undercovercop who has joined a high school  as a school girl in disguise  to become Best Friends with a girl whose father is a gang leader(???) so that they could find more about him. Anyhow she did not seem to have much luck at it but the cute classmate living next door did. Who is this boy???? Actually I don't know myself.Could not complete the movie as the subtitle file was not there .

Anyhow if anybody wants to know more about the movies, click  on the names.It will take you to the imdb links.

Happy movieing

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