Monday, January 30, 2012

28 Lessons in 28 Years

Two more months and I will complete 28 years on earth. 28 years seem to be a lot suddenly. I remember when I was fifteen , we had around 3 months long summer holidays. I wasted most of the time doing nothing. Then one day, I suddenly realized I had wasted all my holidays. Forget my holidays, I could not even remember an  hour worth of my 15 years. That prompted me to make my first scrap book. I kept reminders of all my memories in it. Every time I would feel my life was not worthwhile, I would take it and go through it. Instantly I would feel better. I wonder where that scrap book is now... In some corner of my parent's home, I guess. Sometimes I think I am obsessed with memories. I rarely forget anything I don't want to forget. Yet interestingly, this quality of mine has never helped me during my exams. Wish it had :)

I guess I have come a long way now. I have failed at times. I have overcome that failure. I have dreamt. I have worked for my dream. I have succeeded. I have fallen in love. I have fought for it. In my own little way I have made a difference. I take care of my home. I write.But, I don't scrap book anymore. But then my blog is my scrapbook. Yes I have come a long way and I have a longer way to go (IGW)

Someone once told, that man learns the first 30 years. After that, he assimilates and uses the lessons he learned. I am almost there.Whatever new he learns only deepens his knowledge about things he has learnt. I wonder what have I learnt ?

I have learnt that

1. One should never make friends with those who think one is lesser than what one actually is. That's one of the most important things that I have learnt.

2. If somebody out there makes you feel guilty all the time. Run; Run as far as possible from them. They are not good news.

3. Its OK to fail. IF, you fail in your school/college days- better. People who overcome failure then can recover easier than those who fail later (who can also recover but then there is additional pressure that's all)

4. There IS nothing that's impossible. If you want to do something, You can do it. The question is always whether you want to.
5.Hatred comes from Ignorance. If you hate something, you probably don't know anything about it.

6. One may have a difficult time fighting for one's principles but the alternative is more difficult though it seems easy at first. Remember Peter Keating of Fountain head.

7. The time to do is Now. Tomorrow never comes.

8. Laugh Dance Enjoy.

9. It's OK to be average. No one is better than the other. If others are better than you in one thing you are definitely better than them in something else. You just don't know.

10. A good relation with your spouse is the best gift you can give to your children.Believe me. I have seen it work.

11. No one is ever late to start something. Life always gives you second chances. Just keep your eyes open.

12. The world is still a beautiful place.

13. When somebody says something bad about you, be so good , so good that he will be forced to take back what he said.

14. Switch off the phone once you come from work. You give your 100% to work. Give your 100% to your family too.

15. Take responsibility for what you did. And Never for what you did not- Good or Bad.

16. Modesty is OK up to a limit. Beyond it, it becomes a lie.

17. Marry someone with whom you can enjoy something together, movies, books...something.

18. Those 10 min will always pass. be it exams, presentations or anything you fear. It will pass. 

19. What a person thinks of others normally gives a pretty good idea about the person himself.

20. No one is mind reader. Tell out what you want. And tell others too, that your are not a mind reader and one HAS to tell you what one wants. Period.

21. Life will screw you at some point. It's really no big deal as it does to everyone else too. You have company. Be happy :)

22. Read good quotes, Motivational poems.You may not remember them, but they do have a lasting effect. They come up exactly when you need them. The poem " It's between you and god anyway" and Rudyard Kipling's 'if' has helped me through many a tough times, even though I was not reading it at that exact moment.

23. Never make unnecessary sacrifices. You can give happiness to others only when you yourself are happy.

24. Talk scream shout....its better than being indifferent.

25. You really don't have to tell everything to everyone.

26. If you want to be a giver, First you have to be a receiver. I learnt this the hard way.

27. The longer the question, the simpler the answer. (True for life and academics)

and finally...

28. Remember that you are the most important person in the whole world. And so are others.

You may feel as if you have read many of the points out of a quotes book. Well, I am what I read :)
I stopped at 28 though I think I may have more to write. Won't it being interesting to visit this site 20 years hence and read what the younger me had written. I wonder how much I would have changed. If this system of blogging is still there, I will put in a comment then.

What lessons have you learnt???

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ousted - Scene From a Memoir

I am  responding to Marcy's Prompt for 'Scene From a Memoir'. This time we have to write about, (i) a song which was important or (2) a restaurant or (3) the time we have been the life of a party or (4) a time an insult was given/received. I raked my head for sometime but  could not find anything to write about. And then i remembered that incident. The incident in the year 2006 which I had blocked out of my memory from my college days. That tune.... That terrible terrible tune....

Does anybody still have the old Nokia phone 3120? It was my first mobile phone. I was one of the few in my class who had a mobile phone at that time and among the very  few who had color phones. It was the time when mobile phone was still a luxury than a necessity. The only reason I had one was because I needed to call my father to pick me up after some classes.

Anyhow I was new to phones and anyone who knows me will tell you I am not good with any of these electronic things.(One of the reasons why I married my hubby. He is Yin to my Yang. Good with all these). I swear, when I was a child, the tape recorder would just break down whenever I went near it. I have no idea how it happens though.

Back to the story.So I was really bad with phones. Normally before every class, I used to put my phone in the Silent mode. It was a 'steel structures' class and I was genuinely listening to the sir's lecture (when i say genuinely, I mean, not sleeping with eyes open) when all of a sudden a tune started. Getting louder and louder and everyone started looking around ...Including me.' Who did not put his/her phone in silent ????'  I wondered. 'What a silly thing to do ....'

Suddenly the girl sitting besides me, N realised that it was coming from my own bag and with realization hitting me too at the same time we pounced for the phone.And the inevitable happened.The phone went down, between the benches. Suddenly it had become funny. N started laughing uncontrollably. I started muffling my laughter; the whole class started laughing seeing our frantic efforts to retrieve it and change it to silent mode. No one noticed the Sir becoming increasingly angry until his voice boomed.

"Whose phone is it? Out of the Class"

I was shocked. Goody two shoes Rahmath outside the class. Is it possible?. I guess my shock was reflected in my face . I tried explaining it was a mistake and that I had cut the call. It was no longer ringing. He wouldn't hear. " You get out of the class, Stay there for a minute and then come in once again."

By this time I knew negotiations were not possible. I thought I might as well deal with it. No one was laughing now, I guess , I don't remember.I went out of the class, I stayed for a minute and  summing up all my courage I entered the class. I had just put my right foot inside the classroom, when all of a sudden that dreadful tune started once again. A howl of laughter ensued , I turned right back and ran out of the building.

I still can't figure out why I did not put the phone in silence mode!!!!!

Anyhow my getting ousted from the class did become a story for my classmates and friends. They gave it a funny twist so it was OK. I later apologized to the lecturer and he was understanding . So in the end, all went well. But...every time I would hear that tune. That dreadful tune, my ears would automatically burn....

PS: I have never been able to hear the tune afterwards so I really don't remember which one it was after 6 years . I think it was "Heavenly". Has anyone heard it???

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Am I the only one who is so embarrassed at what's happened in the literary fest in Jaipur. I have never read that book by Salman Rushdie and now I am beginning to wonder what's in it. So for sure, I am almost convinced these people who protest have never read it too. And people above them ALSO have never read it. How can that book 'hurt the sentiments of Muslims all over the world' if no one has read it?????But good publicity guys...thank you.

Some days ago I and my hubby met one of our neighbour uncle and we got to talking. One thing led to another and we came to the common topic of communal harmony. What uncle said actually reflected what we were thinking so I was quite happy to hear it.

He wondered how people got this much time to fight. Somebody someday told him that someone was burning the Bhagavat Gita and he said oooook , and continued with his work. His logic is, this burning one Bhagavat Gita by some idiot  is not going to destroy anything.He has no time to give importance to such foolish people. My  logic totally...

Once in college I got a mail from a friend - it was a forward showing some fanatical group burning the Quran. Did not affect me. Boss I ask you, If the Almighty God himself does not mind a few books getting burned why do people unnecessarily get involved. Do they think that God is that weak that he needs people fighting for his cause? I also saw that this person had selected some 7-8 people to forward it to ...All Muslims. Now that was a problem. Not everybody thinks the same. I know for a fact how people can react to these things. Hatred spreads unnecessary just because of somebodies' thoughtless action. I mailed her back asking her to refrain from spreading such inciting forwards. She did not reply.... I did not get any forwards from her after that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The snake who became a monk

Today my dear readers I'll tell you a story. The story of the snake who had become a monk. I think it is one of the Jataka tales. I however, heard it from my Hubby. So let me tell  it to you as I remember.

Once upon a time in this beautiful little village in India there was a Huge mango tree. Every summer it's branches would be laden with luscious mangoes. But Alas! The mangoes rarely reached the children who sought it. No, most of them rotted away on the ground. This was noticed by a traveling monk who asked the village children.

"My dear children, who do you allow the mangoes to rot. Why don't you eat it?"

And the children replied: how they wish they could. But what to do?; There was a snake hole just below the tree and a meaner snake they have never seen. It would hiss and spit , why it even bit someone.

"Is it so" , the monk replied. "Maybe then I will pay it a visit."

And so the monk went to pay a visit to the snake.

The snake welcomed him with reverence as you see snakes respect holy men too.

"Why my brother, do you not allow children to take the mangoes? Why do you act so mean? They are all so scared of you."

And the snake replied. "But holy sir, I do what I was taught to do. This is what my ancestors did and this is what I do. But, if you teach me how to live, why verily, I will follow you."

And so the holy man taught the snake the truths of life- about compassion and kindness ,about love and forgiveness. And after that he took leave.

Months passed and the monk came once again to the same village during his travels. He saw the children look happy and playful with ripe mangoes in both their hands. And then, he remembered his old friend, the snake, and decided to pay him another visit.

He reached the mango tree and what a sight did he see?

His old friend was thin and bruised. Blood Oozed and skin was parched.

" When I left you were the king , now why are you in this way?" The monk asked so surprised.

"Oh Holy sir, this is because of your teaching."

"My teachings ? How is it so?"

"From the day you left, I dedicated myself to the holy life. I ate fruits and I welcomed the children. But sir, humans are not kind. At first they were wary. But I was kinder . But when they understood that I had changed , they beat me with sticks and trashed me with stones. Yet you see, I have not gone back to my old ways."

The monk smiled and said gently

" Oh my dear friend, I only told you not to bite. Did I tell you not to hiss?"

And hence ends the story....

  What do you think is the moral of the story?  Recently I realized that this story is more important to our interactions in life, than I gave it credit for. I have learnt the lesson from this story. Have you?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Wars

Around 5-6 years ago I took a decision that I would not react out of spite. So, obivously I do not intend to write about it today. But if after a month or so , I still feel that this things is important or I am not longer biased , I will update this post. Till the, here is a life lesson ...... Keep away from pseudo - intellectuals.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

5 Random Thoughts

1.       Un-followed a blog completely today. It’s the  first blog I have un- followed.

2.       Why do some people think that maturity and intelligence, is exclusively the asset of those, who use extremely heavy and dry words? Don’t they understand that the best ideas are those, which can be conveyed in the simplest of languages? I will never understand why they complicate their lives in such a way.
3.       It’s cold , It’s cold, It’s cold. Slumped in the bed with a cotton rajai with hubby’s special ginger tea. Ah…..this is life.

4.       Started Mein Kempf -  (My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler. It’s interesting. Hitler was an extremely astute observer. But I think I need to re learn World War I, if I need to understand the book.
5.       Blogging has become addictive. Addictive to the extent that it’s boring. Contradictory, is it not? But I have learnt that when one is addicted to something (apart from alcohol or drugs or smoking), better to ignore it. The interest wears out by itself  in some timeJ.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Post from the past - God Talks to us in Subtle ways

I was thinking about Copyrighting in general and then, I remembered this post. I thought I will just share it in this space.

Name : God Talks to us in Subtle ways
Date   : 16/02/2009

God talks to us in subtle ways. This incident happened some days ago. My friend was preparing a scrap book for her friend and some pages were blank. To fill them up, she asked me to lend my poem book to her. My poem book is a small notebook in which the first few pages contain my own poems and the last pages have my favorite poems written by others. So, I gave her my book and forgot about it until I asked to see her finished gift. I noticed that she had taken some of my originals along with the others. 

One thing was that I never expected her to use mine. Another thing was that, I was disturbed when I saw that she had modified my poems to suit her circumstances. And for the first time I regretted giving something of mine to some other person. Each poem of mine was the result of some strong feeling and to see it maimed …..I can’t describe that feeling….I left the incident as one of the unpleasant moments of my life…Until today.

Today I was the one who was preparing something. I am a Muslim and we have this prayer in Arabic. Of course not knowing Arabic, I prefer the English translation because i understand that better. I wanted to write them down and stick it on the wall so that I can read it whenever I see it. It is known as the fifth and Sixth Kalima (The Code of Apology and the Code of Refutation of Infidelity).

The name “Allah” comes a number of times in the prayer and I wanted to change it to GOD. I prefer the term God in public and Allah in my head. As far as I am concerned GOD or ALLAH means the same. Somehow the books I have read, the movies I have seen, and the general condition of the society has made me a disbeliever of religions. I believe in the concept of unity and prefer the term GOD to the name and Faith to the relgion. People may call God in various names and may belong to various religions, but the faith is the same: the concept of a supreme being above us is the same.

Anyhow, back to the point.

When I was deciding how to change the prayer to suit my wishes, I was suddenly reminded (by myself) of the incident of the scrapbook. I could not bear someone modifying my poem yet here I was, on the verge of modifying the work of the greatest poet of all. Now, I know how it feels to be on the other side of the fence. So, I wrote it down as per I read - with zero modifications.

If someone had told me I should not fiddle with the Quran (or any holy book for that matter) I would have scoffed at them deeming that insensible. But God you see, is very logical. He talks to us in subtle ways…

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goal 5 -.Identify 10 local birds in Gurgaon Locality

I cannot tell you how simply wonderful this experience has been. As a child, i remember pointing excitedly at any bird which was not a crow and my sister would tell their names. She knew so many birds. When I wrote this goal I knew very few birds and I wanted to know more. And I have learnt so much more (thanks to V ). I intend to pursue this in future too but with how much passion - only time will tell.

I never knew there were these many feathered friends around me. This experience reminded me of the fact that the Earth does not belong to us and that we belong to her. And we share this space with others.

Anyhow enough of this, Here are the birds I saw :). By the way I am just new to this so don't expect anything professional ok ...

1. The Babbler

2. The Laughing Dove

I took a lot of photos but thought i will upload this one. Can you see the black spots in its neck region?

3. The Crow

It broke its beak somehow....First I thought I will take another photo but then I thought that's not fair to this one.

4. Bulbul

Hubby took this photo. I somehow thought that it would be bigger. I think it's proper name is The Red vented Bulbul. Notice the red under the tail and its spike hairstyle?

5. The Robin

The lady robin. Aint she cute????

And her mate I think. Isn't he cute??? I used to  read in Enid blytons. I have never noticed them before.
Its almost becoming my fav. bird now....almost .RN took these photos for me btw

6. Mynah

I never realized that the mynah was this big. Compared to robin, it's huge.RN took the photo. Good na?

7. Sparrows.

Harworking, sweet darling little sparrows. I used to look at them when i was a kid in Bangalore. Then we came to trivandrum and I could not see even one. Now here they are always there. I felt so happy.

8 Erget

I used to think everything were Storks.... I was lucky enough to get the photo of one.

9. The Ashy Prinia

That which started the fun. Till this it was goal which was important. After Ashy Prinia Birding became interesting.But i must say this is the most difficult bird to take a photo. It was hopping and hopping and hopping.

10. The Kingfisher.

V told its name is White breasted Kingfisher. ( I think) RN took it. Loved it. The chilliest day in Delhi got us many photos. Infact Most of the photos were taken that day.Courtesy RN.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

22 Truths 3 Lies


So as usual Marcy has a new interesting prompt.  In this there are 25 statements; in which, 22 of them are true and 3 are lies. The game is that You should spot the lies. It was very difficult to write 22 things about oneself. Still I have given it a try.

But I must say one thing, I realized that I actually have a very calm life. Should I do something about it?


Here is my List. Happy Guessing :)

1 The Alchemist changed my life. 

2 I led a petition in my 12th class.

 3 I love Batman and I think Superman is overrated. 

4 I always need to know why something went wrong. 

5 I waved at Michael Schumacher at the Indian Grand Pix. 

6 I am afraid of driving. 

7 My hubby shares his name with my first best friend. 

8 I have seen a burglar in action. 

9 My dream house is a nice beautiful cottage with a seaside view.

10 No one has ever proposed to me directly.

11 I have sent a poem to a South Indian Daily. 

12 I would rather do something myself than make someone else to do it.

13 I have been told I advise well. 

14 I have attended Karate classes. 

15 Yellow Green and Blue are my Favorite Colors.

16 Peacock is my Favorite Bird.

17 I had a near death experience when I was  20.

18 Teddy bear was my first doll, as I remember that is.

 19 I think the movies Hotel Rwanda and Mr and Mrs Iyer are partly responsible for my marriage.

 20 My Favorite animal is the Tiger.

 21 I adore Colin Firth. 

22 I would rather go shopping with a list than without. 

23 Sidhartha by Hermen Heese is one of my Favorite Books. 

24 I have a mail that Uncle Pai sent me.

25  I used to think my parents bought me from a shop.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breaking the Jinx :)

 I started the Day Zero Project around six months ago. Frankly speaking, I am a bit surprised that I am still involved in it. So, like my many counterparts all around the world, I want to publish everything I have done, as a part of this project. But that will definitely take time; so, I want  to start a page dedicated for it. I am thinking I will publish the page on March/1/2012 (IGW) which will be exactly 250 days from my start. Normally, whenever I say that something is going well, or that, I will do something in future, something always happens to disrupt it.

For eg: I was very happy that I and hubby had started walking and had completed 15 days out of 21 days which was one of my goals. So I posted about it. What happened then??? Kapooosh... Fell sick. Murphy's Law :)
Anyhow the good news is that I am well now and we have started walking once again today.

So I am just writing this, to break the Jinx which murphy's law talks about. I believe if I write about it, I will be able to fend it off :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Peephole - Tribute to childhood

Tribute to Childhood ...

When I wrote the two posts on things I miss from my childhood and things I don't miss from my childhood, I felt slightly curious to know what would be my friend's responses?. So I sent them requests to send me 5 things they missed most from their childhood. Their responses floored me. When I read their responses, the fog lifted on my own memories and I relived many of those instances that I had forgotten myself with time. for eg, I had forgotten the games we used to play in the park , I had forgotten my swinging from the gate and amma coming out and telling me to leave the gate alone :)

As most of them who contributed, were my childhood friends and class mates from my college , we shared the way we were brought up and belonged to the same age group. I seem to identify with many of the memories. I wonder; Would the memories of a generation older or younger be different? What would they miss? Imagine ten years hence, this page was still there, what would the next generation write? Is this not like a small glimpse of the past the way we saw it. What would somebody from a different continent miss? Or is it that childhood is the same everywhere irrespective of time, irrespective of age ...of race?

Apart from these contributions, Initially, I had asked some people, who were lazy to write it, to narrate their memories to me and that I would write for them. But once I saw the contributions, I realized that, the exact words used to describe something, were as important as what was said . Hence I began requesting them to write it down for me. It need not be fancy ....just from the heart.

Did you read the contributions? Did you identify with the memories? Did you find joy in them? Could you please contribute 5 of yours to give the same joy to others who read the page.? and could you also give your age and place where you were brought up? You can write it as a comment. I will include it in the page along with your link if you have any. I would love to read them. I am sure all would :)

On her Birthday...

Edited to add on 19.01.12: I had written this on14th of this month. I took it offline after a few hours because it was too personal. Today, is Tejaswee Roa's Birthday and I shared this post with IHM- her mother whose blog I am following. She asked me to post this. It's the least I could do for her. 
I dedicate this post to IHM's Mother and Daughter and her.

I am heartbroken. How can you fall in love with a photo? I recently started following a blog,Indian Homemaker. Her blog had these photos of a girl.A more charming and happy face I have never seen. Have I seen her somewhere?:  I have wondered. I don't know why, but I always assumed that this was the blogwriter. I used to wonder at her courage ,normally people don't put their photos. Then today I read this post about the author losing her 19yr old daughter a year ago and I became confused. Who is Tejaswee Rao???  Searched the blog.the Internet, Everywhere...She is Indian Homemaker's daughter. Suddenly the whole blog made sense to me. This charming person who I hoped to meet someday was no more. She was never there!!!!

I am deliberately not linking.Maybe I should not be even writing this. But somehow I feel this is a profound moment. I don't know its meaning now. maybe someday I will. I want to remember this feeling. how can i offer my condolences or anything.I don't understand.I can't understand many things. And I need a break from this virtual world.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Random Thoughts

Had to choose between health and Goal 26 of 101 goals. Chose health. Had completed 15 days out of 21. Broke the thread yesterday. I know it was the right thing to do. Still a bit dissapointed.
The Joy of giving Card this week may open up wounds that are just healing. Should I risk it? Do I have that kind of strength left in me right now ?  But then maybe this is a sign.
Started Aleph. Why am I not that impressed?. It's nice but I guess my bar is too high.
Newly Married friend not picking up the phone or chatting. guess her mind is too occupied. I remember my first 6 months. All the changes - physically, and emotionally were overwhelming. Sudden responsibilities. New place. New relationships. Maybe that's why they have this huge wedding celebrations here ...a kind of shock treatment.
I like the concept of 5 Random Thoughts.... I like the number five. Five and Seven - my favorite numbers. Maybe 9 too.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lunch at Gunpowder

When a friend ND, praised  the restaurant “Gunpowder” more than once,my hubby wished to try it. The fact that, the restaurant offered one particular non veg item which is not easy to get  in North India made the wish even more keen. So this Saturday along with RN, GC and ND, I and my hubby went to this restaurant. This was the first time we were going to Hauz Kauz Village, this being around 40 min from Gurgaon in the metro. We met ND in Hauz Kauz village who showed us the way to the restaurant.We all newcomers, found the path to Gunpowder very charming. (By the way the people from Hauz Kauz village are called Villagers and frankly speaking it looks nothing like a village). Though I would have loved to enter and browse some shops there, ND warned us that the shops were overprized and so i had to be content with the window shopping. It reminded my and my hubby of the various ethnic shops at Kovalam.

The restaurant was not at all like anything we imagined. First of all, I was expecting a closed placed, interior decorated, with uniformed waiters and all that. So, I was surprised when we had to climb around 3 floors and that too to a open place more like the kerala bhavan mess, though maybe, a lot cleaner. The view was picturesque as one portion was opened to the view of the lake.

It was a good thing we had booked the table for 2.30 as many were waiting in queue when we got there. Oh the point to note is that, the people in the restaurant, do not take lunch orders after 2:45pm. So better to get there before itself.  Anyhow we were pleasantly surprised to see that the menu had most of the traditional Kerala dishes. So obviously, my hubby and I took the initiative in ordering the food. Though hubby did not order that particular thing he would have liked to eat, he ordered Mutton Ulathiyathu ( Lamb fry), Mutton kolamb, One appam ( to show our friends what it was) and 4 parottas, Avial for ND and kothu parotta for RN.ND ordered a cup of curd too as normally he found kerala dishes slightly more hot.

Kothu parotta was the item that came first and all of us literally devoured it, as we were extremely hungry by that time. It tasted divine and I and hubby heaved a sign of relief. Atleast it was not a waste coming all the way from Gurgaon for just tying this restaurant, and that too bringing RN and GC with us. The parottas were extremy flaky (in a good way) and made extremely well. The mutton was well cooked and the appam was good enough. My hubby said my Avial was far more tasty than the avail  they served. Was I not flattered when I heard him say that. Of course I was. He seemed especially happy with the mutton Ulaithiyathu as it reminded him of his fav aunt’s cooking. RN also remembered an aunty who used to give him parottas.

When food reminds you of home, in my opinion, the visit to the restaurant is worth it. Initially apart from RN, no one was keen to try Mathanga Pradamam (pumpkin in jaggery dessert), but once we tasted it, the dessert finished in no time.

It was already 3.30 by the time we finished our lunch,and the restaurant was empty by that time. So we sat a little,took some photos, and chatted with the waiter.We also enjoyed the view of the lake. The climate was awesome on Saturday and so the scenery looked even more beautiful.

 And now for the cost part.  Around five of us just had our fill and it came around Rs 340/- each. Each parotta and appam costs about 50 rupees each which does sound a bit to the costly side. However we did have a variety of dishes instead of a few chosen ones. We did have a good time there and hence  highly recommended to try it once.And then you decide...