Tuesday, January 17, 2012

22 Truths 3 Lies


So as usual Marcy has a new interesting prompt.  In this there are 25 statements; in which, 22 of them are true and 3 are lies. The game is that You should spot the lies. It was very difficult to write 22 things about oneself. Still I have given it a try.

But I must say one thing, I realized that I actually have a very calm life. Should I do something about it?


Here is my List. Happy Guessing :)

1 The Alchemist changed my life. 

2 I led a petition in my 12th class.

 3 I love Batman and I think Superman is overrated. 

4 I always need to know why something went wrong. 

5 I waved at Michael Schumacher at the Indian Grand Pix. 

6 I am afraid of driving. 

7 My hubby shares his name with my first best friend. 

8 I have seen a burglar in action. 

9 My dream house is a nice beautiful cottage with a seaside view.

10 No one has ever proposed to me directly.

11 I have sent a poem to a South Indian Daily. 

12 I would rather do something myself than make someone else to do it.

13 I have been told I advise well. 

14 I have attended Karate classes. 

15 Yellow Green and Blue are my Favorite Colors.

16 Peacock is my Favorite Bird.

17 I had a near death experience when I was  20.

18 Teddy bear was my first doll, as I remember that is.

 19 I think the movies Hotel Rwanda and Mr and Mrs Iyer are partly responsible for my marriage.

 20 My Favorite animal is the Tiger.

 21 I adore Colin Firth. 

22 I would rather go shopping with a list than without. 

23 Sidhartha by Hermen Heese is one of my Favorite Books. 

24 I have a mail that Uncle Pai sent me.

25  I used to think my parents bought me from a shop.



  1. Nice list! It is so hard to guess, but here goes: 6, 8, and 22 are lies. I was really curious about #19 (if that's true, of course :) ), and I love #23 too. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Ok, I've read through your list a few times now, and I'm going to guess 3, 6 and 10. This is hard! We need to figure out a way to get to know each other more.

  3. @ Marcy . I am so sorry for the late reply.
    19 is true. Someday I will share why i think so in this blog. Thankyou for guessing.

    @ Jennifer.I know its hard. I felt the same thing when i went through your list. And all my guesses were wrong lol.I thought I knew you better :)

    @ Marcy and Jennifer : Will tell the results in a couple of weeks.

    My friend read through the list and said it was very hard. So i give 3 clues.
    1. I donot like chaos.
    2. My past will give an idea about my future.
    3. I am quite ordinary looking person.

    I don't know whether these will help. Lets see

  4. I think its 5, 25 and....15?? tell us.. tell us..

  5. Oh sam i won't lie to you, the lies are very silly. But you are right. I didnot wave at Schumacher. hubby did though and he was pretty excited :)

    Yellow Green and blue are my fav colours, yellow the sun, green , nature and blue, the sky and water- definitely my fav. clours

    I am the "kadakutti" of the family. You know tamil. Figure it out :)


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