Monday, January 30, 2012

28 Lessons in 28 Years

Two more months and I will complete 28 years on earth. 28 years seem to be a lot suddenly. I remember when I was fifteen , we had around 3 months long summer holidays. I wasted most of the time doing nothing. Then one day, I suddenly realized I had wasted all my holidays. Forget my holidays, I could not even remember an  hour worth of my 15 years. That prompted me to make my first scrap book. I kept reminders of all my memories in it. Every time I would feel my life was not worthwhile, I would take it and go through it. Instantly I would feel better. I wonder where that scrap book is now... In some corner of my parent's home, I guess. Sometimes I think I am obsessed with memories. I rarely forget anything I don't want to forget. Yet interestingly, this quality of mine has never helped me during my exams. Wish it had :)

I guess I have come a long way now. I have failed at times. I have overcome that failure. I have dreamt. I have worked for my dream. I have succeeded. I have fallen in love. I have fought for it. In my own little way I have made a difference. I take care of my home. I write.But, I don't scrap book anymore. But then my blog is my scrapbook. Yes I have come a long way and I have a longer way to go (IGW)

Someone once told, that man learns the first 30 years. After that, he assimilates and uses the lessons he learned. I am almost there.Whatever new he learns only deepens his knowledge about things he has learnt. I wonder what have I learnt ?

I have learnt that

1. One should never make friends with those who think one is lesser than what one actually is. That's one of the most important things that I have learnt.

2. If somebody out there makes you feel guilty all the time. Run; Run as far as possible from them. They are not good news.

3. Its OK to fail. IF, you fail in your school/college days- better. People who overcome failure then can recover easier than those who fail later (who can also recover but then there is additional pressure that's all)

4. There IS nothing that's impossible. If you want to do something, You can do it. The question is always whether you want to.
5.Hatred comes from Ignorance. If you hate something, you probably don't know anything about it.

6. One may have a difficult time fighting for one's principles but the alternative is more difficult though it seems easy at first. Remember Peter Keating of Fountain head.

7. The time to do is Now. Tomorrow never comes.

8. Laugh Dance Enjoy.

9. It's OK to be average. No one is better than the other. If others are better than you in one thing you are definitely better than them in something else. You just don't know.

10. A good relation with your spouse is the best gift you can give to your children.Believe me. I have seen it work.

11. No one is ever late to start something. Life always gives you second chances. Just keep your eyes open.

12. The world is still a beautiful place.

13. When somebody says something bad about you, be so good , so good that he will be forced to take back what he said.

14. Switch off the phone once you come from work. You give your 100% to work. Give your 100% to your family too.

15. Take responsibility for what you did. And Never for what you did not- Good or Bad.

16. Modesty is OK up to a limit. Beyond it, it becomes a lie.

17. Marry someone with whom you can enjoy something together, movies, books...something.

18. Those 10 min will always pass. be it exams, presentations or anything you fear. It will pass. 

19. What a person thinks of others normally gives a pretty good idea about the person himself.

20. No one is mind reader. Tell out what you want. And tell others too, that your are not a mind reader and one HAS to tell you what one wants. Period.

21. Life will screw you at some point. It's really no big deal as it does to everyone else too. You have company. Be happy :)

22. Read good quotes, Motivational poems.You may not remember them, but they do have a lasting effect. They come up exactly when you need them. The poem " It's between you and god anyway" and Rudyard Kipling's 'if' has helped me through many a tough times, even though I was not reading it at that exact moment.

23. Never make unnecessary sacrifices. You can give happiness to others only when you yourself are happy.

24. Talk scream shout....its better than being indifferent.

25. You really don't have to tell everything to everyone.

26. If you want to be a giver, First you have to be a receiver. I learnt this the hard way.

27. The longer the question, the simpler the answer. (True for life and academics)

and finally...

28. Remember that you are the most important person in the whole world. And so are others.

You may feel as if you have read many of the points out of a quotes book. Well, I am what I read :)
I stopped at 28 though I think I may have more to write. Won't it being interesting to visit this site 20 years hence and read what the younger me had written. I wonder how much I would have changed. If this system of blogging is still there, I will put in a comment then.

What lessons have you learnt???

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  1. It's nice to see your positivity shining through. May this blog post inspire many others to think like you! Well, I turn 38 in March... and would continue to count the blessings... they make life much more beautiful :-)


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