Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Random Thoughts

Had to choose between health and Goal 26 of 101 goals. Chose health. Had completed 15 days out of 21. Broke the thread yesterday. I know it was the right thing to do. Still a bit dissapointed.
The Joy of giving Card this week may open up wounds that are just healing. Should I risk it? Do I have that kind of strength left in me right now ?  But then maybe this is a sign.
Started Aleph. Why am I not that impressed?. It's nice but I guess my bar is too high.
Newly Married friend not picking up the phone or chatting. guess her mind is too occupied. I remember my first 6 months. All the changes - physically, and emotionally were overwhelming. Sudden responsibilities. New place. New relationships. Maybe that's why they have this huge wedding celebrations here ...a kind of shock treatment.
I like the concept of 5 Random Thoughts.... I like the number five. Five and Seven - my favorite numbers. Maybe 9 too.


  1. I was planning to read Aleph too... I thought it was kind of motivating sort of book. :(

    Does marriage really change us? Specially women...? hmmm..

  2. is that a new topic ;) I think it changes both men and women. Adapting to a new situation i guess.

    I stopped reading aleph. I have to continue.Many loved it.deals with reincarnation...past lives and all that.


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