Saturday, January 21, 2012

5 Random Thoughts

1.       Un-followed a blog completely today. It’s the  first blog I have un- followed.

2.       Why do some people think that maturity and intelligence, is exclusively the asset of those, who use extremely heavy and dry words? Don’t they understand that the best ideas are those, which can be conveyed in the simplest of languages? I will never understand why they complicate their lives in such a way.
3.       It’s cold , It’s cold, It’s cold. Slumped in the bed with a cotton rajai with hubby’s special ginger tea. Ah…..this is life.

4.       Started Mein Kempf -  (My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler. It’s interesting. Hitler was an extremely astute observer. But I think I need to re learn World War I, if I need to understand the book.
5.       Blogging has become addictive. Addictive to the extent that it’s boring. Contradictory, is it not? But I have learnt that when one is addicted to something (apart from alcohol or drugs or smoking), better to ignore it. The interest wears out by itself  in some timeJ.


  1. My goodness yes, blogging is addictive. I'm trying to cut back my time spent blogging. 8) Not very successful yet.

  2. :) I am trying to cut down mine too .


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