Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breaking the Jinx :)

 I started the Day Zero Project around six months ago. Frankly speaking, I am a bit surprised that I am still involved in it. So, like my many counterparts all around the world, I want to publish everything I have done, as a part of this project. But that will definitely take time; so, I want  to start a page dedicated for it. I am thinking I will publish the page on March/1/2012 (IGW) which will be exactly 250 days from my start. Normally, whenever I say that something is going well, or that, I will do something in future, something always happens to disrupt it.

For eg: I was very happy that I and hubby had started walking and had completed 15 days out of 21 days which was one of my goals. So I posted about it. What happened then??? Kapooosh... Fell sick. Murphy's Law :)
Anyhow the good news is that I am well now and we have started walking once again today.

So I am just writing this, to break the Jinx which murphy's law talks about. I believe if I write about it, I will be able to fend it off :)

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