Saturday, January 14, 2012

On her Birthday...

Edited to add on 19.01.12: I had written this on14th of this month. I took it offline after a few hours because it was too personal. Today, is Tejaswee Roa's Birthday and I shared this post with IHM- her mother whose blog I am following. She asked me to post this. It's the least I could do for her. 
I dedicate this post to IHM's Mother and Daughter and her.

I am heartbroken. How can you fall in love with a photo? I recently started following a blog,Indian Homemaker. Her blog had these photos of a girl.A more charming and happy face I have never seen. Have I seen her somewhere?:  I have wondered. I don't know why, but I always assumed that this was the blogwriter. I used to wonder at her courage ,normally people don't put their photos. Then today I read this post about the author losing her 19yr old daughter a year ago and I became confused. Who is Tejaswee Rao???  Searched the blog.the Internet, Everywhere...She is Indian Homemaker's daughter. Suddenly the whole blog made sense to me. This charming person who I hoped to meet someday was no more. She was never there!!!!

I am deliberately not linking.Maybe I should not be even writing this. But somehow I feel this is a profound moment. I don't know its meaning now. maybe someday I will. I want to remember this feeling. how can i offer my condolences or anything.I don't understand.I can't understand many things. And I need a break from this virtual world.

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