Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goal 5 -.Identify 10 local birds in Gurgaon Locality

I cannot tell you how simply wonderful this experience has been. As a child, i remember pointing excitedly at any bird which was not a crow and my sister would tell their names. She knew so many birds. When I wrote this goal I knew very few birds and I wanted to know more. And I have learnt so much more (thanks to V ). I intend to pursue this in future too but with how much passion - only time will tell.

I never knew there were these many feathered friends around me. This experience reminded me of the fact that the Earth does not belong to us and that we belong to her. And we share this space with others.

Anyhow enough of this, Here are the birds I saw :). By the way I am just new to this so don't expect anything professional ok ...

1. The Babbler

2. The Laughing Dove

I took a lot of photos but thought i will upload this one. Can you see the black spots in its neck region?

3. The Crow

It broke its beak somehow....First I thought I will take another photo but then I thought that's not fair to this one.

4. Bulbul

Hubby took this photo. I somehow thought that it would be bigger. I think it's proper name is The Red vented Bulbul. Notice the red under the tail and its spike hairstyle?

5. The Robin

The lady robin. Aint she cute????

And her mate I think. Isn't he cute??? I used to  read in Enid blytons. I have never noticed them before.
Its almost becoming my fav. bird now....almost .RN took these photos for me btw

6. Mynah

I never realized that the mynah was this big. Compared to robin, it's huge.RN took the photo. Good na?

7. Sparrows.

Harworking, sweet darling little sparrows. I used to look at them when i was a kid in Bangalore. Then we came to trivandrum and I could not see even one. Now here they are always there. I felt so happy.

8 Erget

I used to think everything were Storks.... I was lucky enough to get the photo of one.

9. The Ashy Prinia

That which started the fun. Till this it was goal which was important. After Ashy Prinia Birding became interesting.But i must say this is the most difficult bird to take a photo. It was hopping and hopping and hopping.

10. The Kingfisher.

V told its name is White breasted Kingfisher. ( I think) RN took it. Loved it. The chilliest day in Delhi got us many photos. Infact Most of the photos were taken that day.Courtesy RN.

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