Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Joy of Giving Card, Week 14/15

As you all know I am following the Joy of Giving Cards that Ritu uploads every week. I do try to follow them. Can follow some and sometime I don't. Anyhow I thought I will give an update about them as almost 3 cards are pending now

Joy of Giving Card - Week 14 - Close your eyes and practice absolute silence for 15 min.

I tried to keep silence for 15 minutes, but frankly speaking I could not manage even 5. I just can’t keep still unless I am doing something. The only time I am doing nothing for 15 minutes is when I am sleeping and somehow I don’t think that counts. Does it?

Joy of Giving Card – Week 15 -Write a Thank you Note to a teacher who has inspired you.

Sometimes we appreciate some people so much but just don't convey it to them. So i am thankful to this card for helping me tell what i feel about 3 very important teachers of mine. 

Teachers have always inspired me. I have always wanted to become a teacher. That particular dream is yet to be realized. I wrote a thank you note to three teachers. One of them , a colleague,V, who in my opinion is a teacher in every sense even though she has not taught in a class. Another a teacher, Sindhu Maam, from my B. Tech who broke the myth I was living in  that the teachers in colleges don't care that much about students and third, Bejoy Peter Sir ,my public speaking teacher who encouraged me and inspired me.

I cannot post those letters here, as they are too personal. But I finally feel happy that I have at last conveyed my appreciation for them. Two of them replied and I think they were happy too :). V said I was crazy (in a good way). Bejoy Peter sir sent me a reply saying that he was happy that he could help me and that my  thank you encouraged him to do better. Sindhu  Maam did not reply yet. I guess she did not see the mail yet. I hope she does .This is by far, my favorite Joy of Giving Card.


  1. This is a fantastic idea. I may have to look for these cards.

  2. Hi...

    Silence while asleep doesn't count :-) But don't worry, I am in the same boat as you. To keep silent and not allow the mind to wander are skills I have yet to develop. But its going to be useful to keep trying. Don't you think so?

    As for Card 15.. I am so zapped that you actually did write all those letters! WOW!Hats off babe! More than anything else, you also have their email ids??? I don't even have phone numbers, forget mail ids :-(((

    Sindhu ma'am will respond. I just feel it :-)

  3. @ Jennifer - This is a fantastic idea.I cannot describe how happy i feel after i complete each act :)

    @ Ritu - I tried to keep silent. Then my hubby read about it in my blog. "Oh is that what you were trying to do hahahha" :( poor me :)

    all thanks to Facebook and blogging :). Of course i was lucky they had accounts. But they are quite young

  4. @ Ritu - She did Respond today :)


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