Monday, January 9, 2012

Lunch at Gunpowder

When a friend ND, praised  the restaurant “Gunpowder” more than once,my hubby wished to try it. The fact that, the restaurant offered one particular non veg item which is not easy to get  in North India made the wish even more keen. So this Saturday along with RN, GC and ND, I and my hubby went to this restaurant. This was the first time we were going to Hauz Kauz Village, this being around 40 min from Gurgaon in the metro. We met ND in Hauz Kauz village who showed us the way to the restaurant.We all newcomers, found the path to Gunpowder very charming. (By the way the people from Hauz Kauz village are called Villagers and frankly speaking it looks nothing like a village). Though I would have loved to enter and browse some shops there, ND warned us that the shops were overprized and so i had to be content with the window shopping. It reminded my and my hubby of the various ethnic shops at Kovalam.

The restaurant was not at all like anything we imagined. First of all, I was expecting a closed placed, interior decorated, with uniformed waiters and all that. So, I was surprised when we had to climb around 3 floors and that too to a open place more like the kerala bhavan mess, though maybe, a lot cleaner. The view was picturesque as one portion was opened to the view of the lake.

It was a good thing we had booked the table for 2.30 as many were waiting in queue when we got there. Oh the point to note is that, the people in the restaurant, do not take lunch orders after 2:45pm. So better to get there before itself.  Anyhow we were pleasantly surprised to see that the menu had most of the traditional Kerala dishes. So obviously, my hubby and I took the initiative in ordering the food. Though hubby did not order that particular thing he would have liked to eat, he ordered Mutton Ulathiyathu ( Lamb fry), Mutton kolamb, One appam ( to show our friends what it was) and 4 parottas, Avial for ND and kothu parotta for RN.ND ordered a cup of curd too as normally he found kerala dishes slightly more hot.

Kothu parotta was the item that came first and all of us literally devoured it, as we were extremely hungry by that time. It tasted divine and I and hubby heaved a sign of relief. Atleast it was not a waste coming all the way from Gurgaon for just tying this restaurant, and that too bringing RN and GC with us. The parottas were extremy flaky (in a good way) and made extremely well. The mutton was well cooked and the appam was good enough. My hubby said my Avial was far more tasty than the avail  they served. Was I not flattered when I heard him say that. Of course I was. He seemed especially happy with the mutton Ulaithiyathu as it reminded him of his fav aunt’s cooking. RN also remembered an aunty who used to give him parottas.

When food reminds you of home, in my opinion, the visit to the restaurant is worth it. Initially apart from RN, no one was keen to try Mathanga Pradamam (pumpkin in jaggery dessert), but once we tasted it, the dessert finished in no time.

It was already 3.30 by the time we finished our lunch,and the restaurant was empty by that time. So we sat a little,took some photos, and chatted with the waiter.We also enjoyed the view of the lake. The climate was awesome on Saturday and so the scenery looked even more beautiful.

 And now for the cost part.  Around five of us just had our fill and it came around Rs 340/- each. Each parotta and appam costs about 50 rupees each which does sound a bit to the costly side. However we did have a variety of dishes instead of a few chosen ones. We did have a good time there and hence  highly recommended to try it once.And then you decide...

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