Thursday, January 26, 2012


Am I the only one who is so embarrassed at what's happened in the literary fest in Jaipur. I have never read that book by Salman Rushdie and now I am beginning to wonder what's in it. So for sure, I am almost convinced these people who protest have never read it too. And people above them ALSO have never read it. How can that book 'hurt the sentiments of Muslims all over the world' if no one has read it?????But good publicity guys...thank you.

Some days ago I and my hubby met one of our neighbour uncle and we got to talking. One thing led to another and we came to the common topic of communal harmony. What uncle said actually reflected what we were thinking so I was quite happy to hear it.

He wondered how people got this much time to fight. Somebody someday told him that someone was burning the Bhagavat Gita and he said oooook , and continued with his work. His logic is, this burning one Bhagavat Gita by some idiot  is not going to destroy anything.He has no time to give importance to such foolish people. My  logic totally...

Once in college I got a mail from a friend - it was a forward showing some fanatical group burning the Quran. Did not affect me. Boss I ask you, If the Almighty God himself does not mind a few books getting burned why do people unnecessarily get involved. Do they think that God is that weak that he needs people fighting for his cause? I also saw that this person had selected some 7-8 people to forward it to ...All Muslims. Now that was a problem. Not everybody thinks the same. I know for a fact how people can react to these things. Hatred spreads unnecessary just because of somebodies' thoughtless action. I mailed her back asking her to refrain from spreading such inciting forwards. She did not reply.... I did not get any forwards from her after that.

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