Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ousted - Scene From a Memoir

I am  responding to Marcy's Prompt for 'Scene From a Memoir'. This time we have to write about, (i) a song which was important or (2) a restaurant or (3) the time we have been the life of a party or (4) a time an insult was given/received. I raked my head for sometime but  could not find anything to write about. And then i remembered that incident. The incident in the year 2006 which I had blocked out of my memory from my college days. That tune.... That terrible terrible tune....

Does anybody still have the old Nokia phone 3120? It was my first mobile phone. I was one of the few in my class who had a mobile phone at that time and among the very  few who had color phones. It was the time when mobile phone was still a luxury than a necessity. The only reason I had one was because I needed to call my father to pick me up after some classes.

Anyhow I was new to phones and anyone who knows me will tell you I am not good with any of these electronic things.(One of the reasons why I married my hubby. He is Yin to my Yang. Good with all these). I swear, when I was a child, the tape recorder would just break down whenever I went near it. I have no idea how it happens though.

Back to the story.So I was really bad with phones. Normally before every class, I used to put my phone in the Silent mode. It was a 'steel structures' class and I was genuinely listening to the sir's lecture (when i say genuinely, I mean, not sleeping with eyes open) when all of a sudden a tune started. Getting louder and louder and everyone started looking around ...Including me.' Who did not put his/her phone in silent ????'  I wondered. 'What a silly thing to do ....'

Suddenly the girl sitting besides me, N realised that it was coming from my own bag and with realization hitting me too at the same time we pounced for the phone.And the inevitable happened.The phone went down, between the benches. Suddenly it had become funny. N started laughing uncontrollably. I started muffling my laughter; the whole class started laughing seeing our frantic efforts to retrieve it and change it to silent mode. No one noticed the Sir becoming increasingly angry until his voice boomed.

"Whose phone is it? Out of the Class"

I was shocked. Goody two shoes Rahmath outside the class. Is it possible?. I guess my shock was reflected in my face . I tried explaining it was a mistake and that I had cut the call. It was no longer ringing. He wouldn't hear. " You get out of the class, Stay there for a minute and then come in once again."

By this time I knew negotiations were not possible. I thought I might as well deal with it. No one was laughing now, I guess , I don't remember.I went out of the class, I stayed for a minute and  summing up all my courage I entered the class. I had just put my right foot inside the classroom, when all of a sudden that dreadful tune started once again. A howl of laughter ensued , I turned right back and ran out of the building.

I still can't figure out why I did not put the phone in silence mode!!!!!

Anyhow my getting ousted from the class did become a story for my classmates and friends. They gave it a funny twist so it was OK. I later apologized to the lecturer and he was understanding . So in the end, all went well. But...every time I would hear that tune. That dreadful tune, my ears would automatically burn....

PS: I have never been able to hear the tune afterwards so I really don't remember which one it was after 6 years . I think it was "Heavenly". Has anyone heard it???


  1. Funny story! I couldn't believe it went off again! Yikes. Thanks for linking up.

    1. I also could not believe it went off again :)

  2. Too funny! I'm technologically challenged as well. Lesson learned I bet!

    1. Oh Yes Jennifer, Oh yes... :)

    2. I've tagged you in a Random 11 post on my blog. Come check it out and play along?


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