Saturday, January 14, 2012

Peephole - Tribute to childhood

Tribute to Childhood ...

When I wrote the two posts on things I miss from my childhood and things I don't miss from my childhood, I felt slightly curious to know what would be my friend's responses?. So I sent them requests to send me 5 things they missed most from their childhood. Their responses floored me. When I read their responses, the fog lifted on my own memories and I relived many of those instances that I had forgotten myself with time. for eg, I had forgotten the games we used to play in the park , I had forgotten my swinging from the gate and amma coming out and telling me to leave the gate alone :)

As most of them who contributed, were my childhood friends and class mates from my college , we shared the way we were brought up and belonged to the same age group. I seem to identify with many of the memories. I wonder; Would the memories of a generation older or younger be different? What would they miss? Imagine ten years hence, this page was still there, what would the next generation write? Is this not like a small glimpse of the past the way we saw it. What would somebody from a different continent miss? Or is it that childhood is the same everywhere irrespective of time, irrespective of age ...of race?

Apart from these contributions, Initially, I had asked some people, who were lazy to write it, to narrate their memories to me and that I would write for them. But once I saw the contributions, I realized that, the exact words used to describe something, were as important as what was said . Hence I began requesting them to write it down for me. It need not be fancy ....just from the heart.

Did you read the contributions? Did you identify with the memories? Did you find joy in them? Could you please contribute 5 of yours to give the same joy to others who read the page.? and could you also give your age and place where you were brought up? You can write it as a comment. I will include it in the page along with your link if you have any. I would love to read them. I am sure all would :)


  1. Just a few spring to mind for me. I miss Saturday morning cartoons. There were only a few channels when I was a kid, and on Saturday mornings the only thing for kids to watch were cartoons. My brothers and I would all watch together. Nowadays, there are so many entertainment choices for kids that they are all doing their own thing apart.

    I don't miss having to ask to go to the bathroom. I was so shy in school, and I would be embarrassed to have to ask. I don't miss walking into the school cafeteria and fearfully looking around for someone to sit with, worrying that I wouldn't find anyone in time and everyone would notice that I had no one to sit with!

    Nice idea for a post!

  2. Thanks Marcy. Thanks for the contribution too. I have posted it in the page also.

    We used to have cartoons too but on sunday mornings. We used to wait for it.Loved reading about your childhood.


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