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Post from the past - God Talks to us in Subtle ways

I was thinking about Copyrighting in general and then, I remembered this post. I thought I will just share it in this space.

Name : God Talks to us in Subtle ways
Date   : 16/02/2009

God talks to us in subtle ways. This incident happened some days ago. My friend was preparing a scrap book for her friend and some pages were blank. To fill them up, she asked me to lend my poem book to her. My poem book is a small notebook in which the first few pages contain my own poems and the last pages have my favorite poems written by others. So, I gave her my book and forgot about it until I asked to see her finished gift. I noticed that she had taken some of my originals along with the others. 

One thing was that I never expected her to use mine. Another thing was that, I was disturbed when I saw that she had modified my poems to suit her circumstances. And for the first time I regretted giving something of mine to some other person. Each poem of mine was the result of some strong feeling and to see it maimed …..I can’t describe that feeling….I left the incident as one of the unpleasant moments of my life…Until today.

Today I was the one who was preparing something. I am a Muslim and we have this prayer in Arabic. Of course not knowing Arabic, I prefer the English translation because i understand that better. I wanted to write them down and stick it on the wall so that I can read it whenever I see it. It is known as the fifth and Sixth Kalima (The Code of Apology and the Code of Refutation of Infidelity).

The name “Allah” comes a number of times in the prayer and I wanted to change it to GOD. I prefer the term God in public and Allah in my head. As far as I am concerned GOD or ALLAH means the same. Somehow the books I have read, the movies I have seen, and the general condition of the society has made me a disbeliever of religions. I believe in the concept of unity and prefer the term GOD to the name and Faith to the relgion. People may call God in various names and may belong to various religions, but the faith is the same: the concept of a supreme being above us is the same.

Anyhow, back to the point.

When I was deciding how to change the prayer to suit my wishes, I was suddenly reminded (by myself) of the incident of the scrapbook. I could not bear someone modifying my poem yet here I was, on the verge of modifying the work of the greatest poet of all. Now, I know how it feels to be on the other side of the fence. So, I wrote it down as per I read - with zero modifications.

If someone had told me I should not fiddle with the Quran (or any holy book for that matter) I would have scoffed at them deeming that insensible. But God you see, is very logical. He talks to us in subtle ways…

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