Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lunch at Wenger's Deli

Today was a very nice day. We had gone to Delhi to meet a friend's cousin. She had sent us an awesome gift through him. Then we met our friend from office, CG. All three of us were extremely hungry as it was nearing lunchtime and we had not had a good breakfast, so we decided to eat first. We knew only KFC and McDonald and we did not want to go there. So we went round Connaught place in Delhi and then, we saw this place.(Link)

CG said deli meant home food . So we decided to give it a try. And I loved the ambiance of the place. It had a wonderful wooden false ceiling;The counter was simple with a glass case of dishes; The side walls had these cute pictures of different kinds of food their chef's prepare. They had this rectangular desk along the walls  with high wooden stools. It was great to sit and talk and have lunch there.

We had three types of sandwiches. They were under the category - Panini, but it was very tasty and was definitely more healthy. We had Piri Piri Chicken, Chicken and Cheese and Chicken Pepper Pesto. We also had two Cold Coffees and one Apple juice. The coffee was great. Infact it was one of the tastiest cold coffee's I have had.

Then my hubby and CG wanted dessert. So we bought 2 pieces of chocolate cake with syrup with ice cream. At first I thought Ii wont touch it BUT, the cake felt so soft that I could not resist.

Oh, it was heaven and it was not that expensive. (Compared to other restaurants, I mean).The sandwiches were Rs 100 a piece and the cake with ice cream was Rs70(including taxes). It is definitely a place to check out if you are in Connaught place.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

5 Random Thoughts

- I have 124 pageviews yesterday? How come I have that many???

- Today was an Awesome day. My friend had come with her hubby and child . I had made Mutton biryani, Chicken fry/roast ,Egg, Salad, and Pappdams. Then we had grapes (that she bought) for dessert. Needless to say still feeling pretty full. Amma's biryani recipie is ... Woohoo.

- Saw a beautiful tiny purple bird with a long beak (perfect for drinking nectar). I wonder what bird it is. I had to take photo with my phone. But it did not come well:( . But, today by chance when I went out in the evening, I saw the extremely beautiful sky. Took so many photos which I hope to submit for Skywatch Friday. My heart connects with the Supreme Lord when I see these things. I never feel connected when I do anything religious. But when I see this beautiful world, I feel so happy and contended. I am so happy I am following Tatjana, Mridula and Matte. They show me this world with their lens. I need to get more photography blogs to follow.

- Something extremely serious for this point. If you are debating or having a conversation with someone and if that person agrees with you in some point, be happy. Your strength of character  is shown when you recognize that the other person is strong enough to understand your point of view. Do not think it's because they have fallen or you have defeated them. It is not possible to defeat such people becasue, it is not possible to defeat people who won't fight unnecessarily. Accept what they say with humility and be happy you have got someone who listens to your ideas because they are interested in what you say and not becasue they merely want to contradict you.

- I have a sweet thought unlike point number 4 .But it's about my hubby .So I can't write it :( . But take my word for it, It's extremely sweet. :)


Friday, February 24, 2012

A Promise

The time I and my hubby were trying to convince our parents for our marriage was quite trying. Obviously we had to stand our ground quite a lot. During that time my brother asked me to promise him something.

"Rahmath," he said, Now you are fighting for something with all your heart and soul. The spirit to fight is imbibed into you right now and it is required for your survival for now. But,Promise me one thing, when all this is over, you will resist the urge to fight for anything and everything just because it has been imbibed into you. Promise me you will learn to let go".

And I Promised.

Only today do I realize how truly significant that promise was. And how much it has enriched my life. How much it has helped me find and hold peace. Thankyou Madhava, for being there for me. Always, all the time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Respect

I was reading IHM ‘s post one day and I was thinking how she actually woke me up from this rosy world I live in. It is not that I don’t know or not gone through many of the issues she speaks of but maybe more because I tend to get carried away in being positive. Does it mean I don’t like following her blog. That could not be more wrong. I recommended IHM’s blog to GC and V.
This day it reminded me of something that happened to me around 2-3 months ago.  My colleague had to go to site and three of us decided to accompany him as it was a Sunday. We reached the site ( Site meaning the village where we needed to ascertain if the bridge was to be repaired or broken and built again and all those aspects) Took the measurements. It was busy road. My three colleagues had crossed the road and I was left behind. When I was crossing the road my attention suddenly went to this person riding a wooden cart kind of thing (radhiwala types cart)and he passed a lewd comment on me. Apparently he found me ahem…. Good looking.
I looked at him and could not resist a smile. Why? I will tell you. When he saw me he saw a women he could pass a comment on (btw punishable offense). When I saw him, I saw a malnourished person who belonged to the lower rung of the society. I was sure I had 20 times more education than him. The money I spent on a restaurants could feed his family for a month and he was so thin and weak, if I had slapped him then and there he would have found it difficult to get up. I definitely belonged and looked the class of a society which could make his life miserable if I wanted to. Yet, this man has no problem coveting me in such a derogatory manner. I could not help but smile at the irony of the situation.
Suddenly I remembered the scene in the movie “3 Idiots” when the takur says “ these people show respect to me because I have money but once I turn my back they call me an illiterate.”
Could I not but think, What use is my education, my position which I have made for myself; the attitude with which my parents brought me up, if any tom dick and harry can make me feel like shit. Despite my obviously higher situation in life, this person thinks I am below him.
Wonderful thing about this is I have parents who have instilled great confidence in me. Such incidents do not harm
It’s times like this that I have to fight the feeling of superiority which I really don’t like. Among my own contemporaries I do think I have earned their respect. Infact , sometimes I think I am too hard on guys, as I insist, they have to earn my respect by a far tougher scale.
But I wonder , if this be the case with me when I step out of my safety zone, what about so many others who are not as lucky as me. When will women truly be respected by the Indian Mass? What should she do, to prove herself worthy of respect? Is it so everywhere?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clearing My Mind

                                  Nowadays I write less,don't I . But I am an avid reader now. There is a slight problem with following so many blogs you know. It becomes so interesting, and there is such an inflow of ideas that you don't seem to get time to collect your own thoughts. And if one cannot collect one's thoughts, how is one to write? I write and then I delete or I write and save as draft and then leave it. I guess I am on a lean period as far as writing is concerned.

              This last week has been extremely lazy. I have done nothing of consequence. except ya, I baked a cake from scratch. It tasted great even though the middle was not well cooked. Then found out that the size of the pan and the material used to bake is very important. I did not know that. It was  nice to do something I have never done before.

             I also started making the list of all the books we have. Ennenga (oH , have to tell about this first.... Jumping to the next para)

I told na, that I have started following many blogs. Somehow I have ended up following people who have some connection with Tamil Nadu. Was it my own thirst for my mother tongue that led to my following their blogs, I don't know. I am quite fed up calling my hubby , "my hubby " in this blog and was thinking of what I should call him.The mister???? Aaah! cliched and so decided against it. I always wanted to call my husband "ennenga". In my native place no one calls the husbands by name. "Engaaaaaaaaa" my mom would call my father. Oh it was so sweet. I wished I would call my husband "ennenga".

I married a Malayalee. And that too a malayalee who doesnot prefer his wife calling him anything apart from his name. So this particular wish of mine remains unfulfilled. But now reading all those blogs scattered with Tamil words like little drops of honey and getting quite bored of the word "my hubby", I thought why not call him Ennenga here. OK, I know that Ennenga is a call for attention from my hubby but still I can call him that here in my blog. I will try it out, if it doesn't work?; well.... back to "my hubby" :)

This has become a big post. Will write about the books later. I actually feel much better after writing this.I guess a Simple post was the one I needed to clear me mind :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Belonging Somewhere.

Edited to add on 25.02.2012 : This post does not deal with child abuse.  If you have come here thinking it does, then I am sorry to disappoint you. It does not. It's a random musing about my country. Some people don't get it. I hope you do.

The Italian navy personnel who killed two fishermen in Kerala (on a hunch that the fishermen were pirates) are being asked to be let off. Thank God It's not happening as yet. The Indian couple in Norway who have lost their kids to Norwegian government which did not take into consideration the cultural difference ;Our government is not doing anything but diplomatic talks. The children are living as orphans when they have a huge family here, in India. Apparently they would be given to foster parents because the mother is in depression. What kind of nonsense is that? Then treat the mother and give her the children back. Or atleast give to a family members here in India. How much trauma will a mother or children or the family endure, all because they chose to go to another country? Would any country do this to America. or China. Will America sit quiet if her citizen is suffering in any other country?

 I love my country a lot. It is the best and God willing I will be buried here in her soil. But how can She even hope to be a world power, if her Goverment can't defend the public who voted them into power?

Many a times have people asked me, with two sisters in the Middle East why not try a job there. It used to be the haven for civil engineers. Money is good in The US , Australia, why not try there. No Never. God forbid, I and my husband have to leave our country to earn money somewhere else. Here for all it's problems, for all it's dirt and inaccuracies, this is my country. I am the second citizen here(first citizen being the president). This has been my blood, my bread and butter. This is where I learnt to survive, which gave me my education and now its time to give something back. But most of all, here I am  a citizen, not an immigrant not an expatriate, this is where I belong. I cannot be more safe anywhere else, than I am here. You do not run from home if it is infested with rats, You call an exterminator.

I will let you on in a secret.  I do not have voting rights yet. Three times I have gone for it and three times something came up and I had to leave the process in the middle. I did not care. More than not caring I actually did not want to have any part in selecting politicians. Politics was something I didn't like. I felt all of them are same. But now I have changed my mind. You need to vote even if it is to choose the lesser evil. You need to be a part of this country's decisions too. Before this year ends, God willing I will have my voting rights and I will Vote.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Poem and it's Story.

"Tell me my sweet,
Am I in love with you"
Year 2004

Where do I start
to tell my troubles to you
So many things to say
So many doubts too
Let me put it this way
Answer me, pray
Tell me, my sweet
am I in love with you?

When we always talk
there is no passion in my voice
Then why do I only leave
when I have no other choice?
My memories without you
are so little, so few
Tell me my love,
am I in love with you?

When you are near
I don't see you much
But when you are not
my eyes wander such
until on your face
they brightly seem to rest
Then they look at you
as if something new
Tell me my love
am I in love with you?

The smile that plays on your face
each time our eyes meet
When it plays for someone else
why does my heart skip a beat
It makes you so pretty
like a rose with a morning dew
Tell me my girl
am I in love with you?

 Hate to burst your bubble; I wrote it as a prank.

Iptha, I and Maka  were bench mates in college. One fine day when I and Maka were giggling at something,Iptha somehow thought that we were giggling because I was talking about my boyfriend AND I did not even have one. I tried convincing her but she refused to  listen. Ultimately I told her, 'yup, I do, he just proposed and etc etc etc'. Me being Me, wanted a story to go with the declaration.

 Inspired by the stories of friendships blossoming into love(my Favourite kind btw) and my own notion of romance, I wrote a poem that night. A poem through which my 'supposed' boyfriend declared his love for me. The hero was the prince charming of my dreams;the silent and serious kind who speak with their eyes more than their lips,(The king of my castle turned out to be someone who is rarely silent and jokes most of the time.  !!! One of universe's ironies. But hey I am not complaining.)

With a good conspiring partner in Maka, I presented the poem to Iptha and she totally bought it. Infact, a little too much. Later, when we confessed, She refused to believe at first that I had written the poem myself. It took a lot of convincing . But in the end she got convinced. I had to apologize to her of course ,but then  no harm was done and I had a good poem in hand.

Another friend Mima,liked it so much she asked me if I could modify it a bit to make it more gender equal. Happily obliged. Changed the last four lines to..

"It makes the grey world
fill with a brilliant hue
Tell me my dear
am I in love with you?

It was a very nice compliment :)  So this was the story of this Valentine.
Do put in a comment if you liked it:)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Goal 35 - Part 1 -Glass Painting

Well I finished one out of the two glass paintings for my goals. I had my paints, I had my Glass and I still spent around six month deciding the pattern and stuff. At-last I decided that I am going to do it with the tiny knowledge I have and that I Will be satisfied with the results. And I am.

I realize now that I know how to draw only flowers and leaves and patience is not one of my virtues now.  And I also learnt what one should not do while attempting glass painting. (For eg: One should not lift the glass before the paint has dried. It runs,however straight you think you are holding it, :O)

 Anyhow this painting is special. Not because of me but because of the paint. My husband bought the paints for me from his first salary. He had earned Rs.3000/- and he had spent it on gifts for his family and me. At that time we were courting. After around 2 years I have used it. So that's why you see, this is an extremely special painting :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

5 Random thoughts

1.Went for walking in the evening. Saw a bird after daylight had gone. I was very surprised.Tried taking a picture  but it did not come out well.Anyhow I had memorized the bird. Googled it and understood that it was a Red Wattled Lapwing. This is like a game. See a bird and name it. Else find the name. I am enjoying this.

2. First Glass painting is almost over. Found out it is not my thing. It requires too much patience. The good thing about the 101 things to do is. I am trying out all things I had wanted to . In the end I will know which is actually interesting to me.

3. I am not able to write happy thoughts. When the mind is serious all the time how is one to write a happy post. Reading blogs about serious issues, commenting on serious issues, reading the newspaper. I should have not started reading the newspaper :)

4. I only have 3 random thoughts :(

5. HTML is interesting. I will learn more.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Skywatch Friday- My First

Wanted to share this Picture from the day I took it.So I am sharing this with Skywatch Friday today. I know the pic seems too simple, but it is the simplicity that I loved about the picture. The clear blue sky, the translucent white moon and the aeroplane...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heritage Walk to Chandni Chowk

On fourth of febuary, we went to our third heritage walk conducted by INTACH Delhi chapter.I wondered what they would show in this heritage walk, because it was about Chandini Chowk. Admittedly it was well known in Delhi for being a shopper's paradise, I was still a little queasy as the preview showed only a few dilapidated buildings. But,  the walk turned out to be extremely rewarding because now I can truly say, I have seen old Delhi.

Our walk leader was Ms. Jaya Bassera. You might remember her from my post on Lodhi garden.. The
 first was Mehrauli Archeological park.
Owing to the lack of  proper planning, We were half an hour late and so, we missed the first three places. But it was OK , as I felt after the walk, that the most interesting portions of the walk was not missed by us. Our first stop was the Central Baptist Church.This church was famous for being the second oldest church in Old Delhi, the first one being somewhere near Kashmiri Gate. I won't elaborate as what I remember from the walk is not consistent from the information in the internet.

Our next stop was the Sis Ganj Gurudwara. There are two reasons why this Gurudwara was special.It was here, where the ninth Sikh guru was beheaded by the Mughal army as they thought he was trying to convert Muslims into Sikhism. Hence the name Sis Ganj. The second reason is  that, this Gurudwara is different from the others as Red sandstone was used abundently in it's construction. Normally, only white marble is used.

Then we stopped just beside the Sunehri Masjid. I found it to be a very sorry sight indeed. It was built by a noble man in Muhammed Shah's court  and the three domes were laid with bronze plate which  gave it a golden colour and hence the mosque was known as Sunehri Masjid ( Golden Mosque). The mosque was on the upper floor whereas the lower floor had shops. These shops generated the revenue for the maintenance of the mosque. I guess the shops were not doing any good right now for the mosque did not look maintained from the outside.

Muhammed Shah Rangeela was the last of the Mughal rulers. When he realised that he could not fight Nadir Shah from Persia, he opened up the Gate of Delhi to prevent the plunder and unnecessary killing by Nadir Shah's army. Peace reigned for 3 months but after that an incident took place which resulted in the same carnage that Muhammed Shah so wanted to prevent. Apparently Nadir Shah overlooked the murder of innocent civilians, sitting in this mosque and the fountain was heaped with the corpses by his army.

Our next turn was to the kinari bazaar.  On our way,we passed the Gantewala sweets shop (established in 1790) and the Paranteawala gali which had stuffed paranthas. Our walk leader took us to the Kinari bazaar and I understood why everyone said " if you want to go shopping for a wedding, Go to Chandini Chowk" . Kinari means "Edge" and this lane has 'n' number of shops selling all kinds of different beautiful Zari and other decorative items for sarees and chunnies. For a person who loves to decorate her/his dresses, this place is literally heaven.

From here she took us to the ruins of an old haveli . The ruins she took us to, were of a Nau garhana( 9 houses connected by a common area). Unfortunately only the common area remained. It remaindered me of my grandparents home.  Built before independence,even my grandparents home are not there in their initial form now. But here in Old Delhi,there were some houses which still had the old architecture and these were a delight to the eyes. From Naugarhana we went to the Katra kushal rai street which still houses many of the old haveli's with their ornate stone carved facades.

    The ruins of the Naugraha. No one knows whether there were rooms. There was this raised platform on either sides, maybe for musicians and dancers.

I loved these doors. They remind me of day bygone.

Then we went to the Shri Digambara Jain Naya Mandir.This is one of the most beautiful temples I have seen. The entrance was adorned with pink flower motifs and exquisite peacocks motifs. Unfortunately my hubby could not take a good picture as the camera is not allowed into the temple. I have never gone to a Jain temple and I don't know a Jain so I learnt a lot of things about their faith in the temple. The interior had real gold decorations  and beautiful murals that I cannot describe.  The interior sanctum is not electrified as the electric lights harm the murals. Hence, even though it was built more than two centuries ago, it has the original paints.I learnt something about their culture.

The end of our walk was  in front of Jama Masjid. We saw a lot of shops selling beautiful beads and other wares on our way there. Ms Bassera said that if at all one gets lost in the numerous by lanes in Old Delhi, one only has to keep on walking and they would reach some corner of the Jama Masjid. The lanes were planned liked that. reminded me of 'All roads lead to Rome concept' :). I liked that.

AS took this photo when he came to Delhi. We did not enter the Masjid after the walk.

The Jama Masjid was built on a raised ground. And it stood on a raised base so that it could be visible from every place surrounding the Masjid. One noticeable thing about the Jama Masjid was that though it was built by ShahJahan whose structures are all extremely decorated and beautiful, this Masjid is extremely plain. Only red sandstone, white marble and black marble were used. The black marble can be seen in the dome. The lines on the dome give it an appearance of a cut onion and hence the name Onion Dome.

Jama Masjid also played a part in the Indian Independence struggle.Apparently during the time of the revolt of 1857, Jama masjid was one of the venues where people could meet and discuss their plans for overthrowing the British. So, at the time of uprising, the prayers at Jama Masjid were stopped and this was converted into a cantonment for British Soldiers. However once the rebellion was suppressed, the people were allowed to continue their prayers.

And with this, Ms Bassera wrapped up the walk. It was a really interesting walk as only after this walk did i feel that I saw Delhi. After this walk we went to the Parantewala Galli and tried 5 different kinds of Parantha (Stuffed Flat Bread). Then we went to meet ND for our Brunch at Karims.

It was a wonderful day. Cannot wait for the next walk.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blah Blah Sunday

With the amount of material I have for writing you would think I would be blogging every single day. Yesterday we went to the heritage walk organised by Delhi chapter of INTACH which is a post in itself. After the walk we roamed around, chandinin chowk and chawri bazaar which again is another post in itself. Marcy has posted a prompt for which i do have a story. Jennifer has tagged me and I told her i would respond this weekend, but there is a small problem in that. I wanted to learn more about HTML, The little I know about it has made me all the more interested to learn more. I have bought the electronic tuner at last and I have to start my guitar practice again. My 101 things which I had decided to complete this week still remains. I have to put makeup on my blog pages a little.

I think I should take the suggestion of P akka and start getting up for the Subah. But I am so dependent on my Hubby's magic tea as I like to call it. Magic tea because, one cup of the tea he makes and I am ready to go all day. He suspects I say that just to get out of tea making but you should drink his ginger tea. But I guess I have to get out of it. I can't expect him to wake up at 5:30.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so dependent on him. You do learn somethings from your own parents marriage you know. They had the old kind of marriage. Though  I am a working women , I never keep money with me especially as my hubby and I are working in the same office. I never buy even a  paper without his approval( which he always gives) except vegetables. I never ever go out without him. And I still need to catch his hands if we go through a crowded place. Is it because I am the youngest in my house? Maybe it's because I don't drive. I am in no mood for contemplation right now. I might as well be writing my diary.

Enough of Blah Blah...Have a nice day and a wonderful weekend.