Saturday, February 11, 2012

5 Random thoughts

1.Went for walking in the evening. Saw a bird after daylight had gone. I was very surprised.Tried taking a picture  but it did not come out well.Anyhow I had memorized the bird. Googled it and understood that it was a Red Wattled Lapwing. This is like a game. See a bird and name it. Else find the name. I am enjoying this.

2. First Glass painting is almost over. Found out it is not my thing. It requires too much patience. The good thing about the 101 things to do is. I am trying out all things I had wanted to . In the end I will know which is actually interesting to me.

3. I am not able to write happy thoughts. When the mind is serious all the time how is one to write a happy post. Reading blogs about serious issues, commenting on serious issues, reading the newspaper. I should have not started reading the newspaper :)

4. I only have 3 random thoughts :(

5. HTML is interesting. I will learn more.

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