Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blah Blah Sunday

With the amount of material I have for writing you would think I would be blogging every single day. Yesterday we went to the heritage walk organised by Delhi chapter of INTACH which is a post in itself. After the walk we roamed around, chandinin chowk and chawri bazaar which again is another post in itself. Marcy has posted a prompt for which i do have a story. Jennifer has tagged me and I told her i would respond this weekend, but there is a small problem in that. I wanted to learn more about HTML, The little I know about it has made me all the more interested to learn more. I have bought the electronic tuner at last and I have to start my guitar practice again. My 101 things which I had decided to complete this week still remains. I have to put makeup on my blog pages a little.

I think I should take the suggestion of P akka and start getting up for the Subah. But I am so dependent on my Hubby's magic tea as I like to call it. Magic tea because, one cup of the tea he makes and I am ready to go all day. He suspects I say that just to get out of tea making but you should drink his ginger tea. But I guess I have to get out of it. I can't expect him to wake up at 5:30.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so dependent on him. You do learn somethings from your own parents marriage you know. They had the old kind of marriage. Though  I am a working women , I never keep money with me especially as my hubby and I are working in the same office. I never buy even a  paper without his approval( which he always gives) except vegetables. I never ever go out without him. And I still need to catch his hands if we go through a crowded place. Is it because I am the youngest in my house? Maybe it's because I don't drive. I am in no mood for contemplation right now. I might as well be writing my diary.

Enough of Blah Blah...Have a nice day and a wonderful weekend.

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