Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clearing My Mind

                                  Nowadays I write less,don't I . But I am an avid reader now. There is a slight problem with following so many blogs you know. It becomes so interesting, and there is such an inflow of ideas that you don't seem to get time to collect your own thoughts. And if one cannot collect one's thoughts, how is one to write? I write and then I delete or I write and save as draft and then leave it. I guess I am on a lean period as far as writing is concerned.

              This last week has been extremely lazy. I have done nothing of consequence. except ya, I baked a cake from scratch. It tasted great even though the middle was not well cooked. Then found out that the size of the pan and the material used to bake is very important. I did not know that. It was  nice to do something I have never done before.

             I also started making the list of all the books we have. Ennenga (oH , have to tell about this first.... Jumping to the next para)

I told na, that I have started following many blogs. Somehow I have ended up following people who have some connection with Tamil Nadu. Was it my own thirst for my mother tongue that led to my following their blogs, I don't know. I am quite fed up calling my hubby , "my hubby " in this blog and was thinking of what I should call him.The mister???? Aaah! cliched and so decided against it. I always wanted to call my husband "ennenga". In my native place no one calls the husbands by name. "Engaaaaaaaaa" my mom would call my father. Oh it was so sweet. I wished I would call my husband "ennenga".

I married a Malayalee. And that too a malayalee who doesnot prefer his wife calling him anything apart from his name. So this particular wish of mine remains unfulfilled. But now reading all those blogs scattered with Tamil words like little drops of honey and getting quite bored of the word "my hubby", I thought why not call him Ennenga here. OK, I know that Ennenga is a call for attention from my hubby but still I can call him that here in my blog. I will try it out, if it doesn't work?; well.... back to "my hubby" :)

This has become a big post. Will write about the books later. I actually feel much better after writing this.I guess a Simple post was the one I needed to clear me mind :)

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