Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lunch at Wenger's Deli

Today was a very nice day. We had gone to Delhi to meet a friend's cousin. She had sent us an awesome gift through him. Then we met our friend from office, CG. All three of us were extremely hungry as it was nearing lunchtime and we had not had a good breakfast, so we decided to eat first. We knew only KFC and McDonald and we did not want to go there. So we went round Connaught place in Delhi and then, we saw this place.(Link)

CG said deli meant home food . So we decided to give it a try. And I loved the ambiance of the place. It had a wonderful wooden false ceiling;The counter was simple with a glass case of dishes; The side walls had these cute pictures of different kinds of food their chef's prepare. They had this rectangular desk along the walls  with high wooden stools. It was great to sit and talk and have lunch there.

We had three types of sandwiches. They were under the category - Panini, but it was very tasty and was definitely more healthy. We had Piri Piri Chicken, Chicken and Cheese and Chicken Pepper Pesto. We also had two Cold Coffees and one Apple juice. The coffee was great. Infact it was one of the tastiest cold coffee's I have had.

Then my hubby and CG wanted dessert. So we bought 2 pieces of chocolate cake with syrup with ice cream. At first I thought Ii wont touch it BUT, the cake felt so soft that I could not resist.

Oh, it was heaven and it was not that expensive. (Compared to other restaurants, I mean).The sandwiches were Rs 100 a piece and the cake with ice cream was Rs70(including taxes). It is definitely a place to check out if you are in Connaught place.


  1. oh Rahmath thank you for uploading these pics..... i used to go here when i was a kid.... one of the places i loved in CP.... oh how i miss Wengers... one of the cherished childhood memories... Thanks for reminding...

  2. :), My pleasure my dear. I had forgotten. Delhi is your place. You should tell me where all I should go. maybe we both can explore how much delhi has or has not changed :)


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