Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Poem and it's Story.

"Tell me my sweet,
Am I in love with you"
Year 2004

Where do I start
to tell my troubles to you
So many things to say
So many doubts too
Let me put it this way
Answer me, pray
Tell me, my sweet
am I in love with you?

When we always talk
there is no passion in my voice
Then why do I only leave
when I have no other choice?
My memories without you
are so little, so few
Tell me my love,
am I in love with you?

When you are near
I don't see you much
But when you are not
my eyes wander such
until on your face
they brightly seem to rest
Then they look at you
as if something new
Tell me my love
am I in love with you?

The smile that plays on your face
each time our eyes meet
When it plays for someone else
why does my heart skip a beat
It makes you so pretty
like a rose with a morning dew
Tell me my girl
am I in love with you?

 Hate to burst your bubble; I wrote it as a prank.

Iptha, I and Maka  were bench mates in college. One fine day when I and Maka were giggling at something,Iptha somehow thought that we were giggling because I was talking about my boyfriend AND I did not even have one. I tried convincing her but she refused to  listen. Ultimately I told her, 'yup, I do, he just proposed and etc etc etc'. Me being Me, wanted a story to go with the declaration.

 Inspired by the stories of friendships blossoming into love(my Favourite kind btw) and my own notion of romance, I wrote a poem that night. A poem through which my 'supposed' boyfriend declared his love for me. The hero was the prince charming of my dreams;the silent and serious kind who speak with their eyes more than their lips,(The king of my castle turned out to be someone who is rarely silent and jokes most of the time.  !!! One of universe's ironies. But hey I am not complaining.)

With a good conspiring partner in Maka, I presented the poem to Iptha and she totally bought it. Infact, a little too much. Later, when we confessed, She refused to believe at first that I had written the poem myself. It took a lot of convincing . But in the end she got convinced. I had to apologize to her of course ,but then  no harm was done and I had a good poem in hand.

Another friend Mima,liked it so much she asked me if I could modify it a bit to make it more gender equal. Happily obliged. Changed the last four lines to..

"It makes the grey world
fill with a brilliant hue
Tell me my dear
am I in love with you?

It was a very nice compliment :)  So this was the story of this Valentine.
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