Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Respect

I was reading IHM ‘s post one day and I was thinking how she actually woke me up from this rosy world I live in. It is not that I don’t know or not gone through many of the issues she speaks of but maybe more because I tend to get carried away in being positive. Does it mean I don’t like following her blog. That could not be more wrong. I recommended IHM’s blog to GC and V.
This day it reminded me of something that happened to me around 2-3 months ago.  My colleague had to go to site and three of us decided to accompany him as it was a Sunday. We reached the site ( Site meaning the village where we needed to ascertain if the bridge was to be repaired or broken and built again and all those aspects) Took the measurements. It was busy road. My three colleagues had crossed the road and I was left behind. When I was crossing the road my attention suddenly went to this person riding a wooden cart kind of thing (radhiwala types cart)and he passed a lewd comment on me. Apparently he found me ahem…. Good looking.
I looked at him and could not resist a smile. Why? I will tell you. When he saw me he saw a women he could pass a comment on (btw punishable offense). When I saw him, I saw a malnourished person who belonged to the lower rung of the society. I was sure I had 20 times more education than him. The money I spent on a restaurants could feed his family for a month and he was so thin and weak, if I had slapped him then and there he would have found it difficult to get up. I definitely belonged and looked the class of a society which could make his life miserable if I wanted to. Yet, this man has no problem coveting me in such a derogatory manner. I could not help but smile at the irony of the situation.
Suddenly I remembered the scene in the movie “3 Idiots” when the takur says “ these people show respect to me because I have money but once I turn my back they call me an illiterate.”
Could I not but think, What use is my education, my position which I have made for myself; the attitude with which my parents brought me up, if any tom dick and harry can make me feel like shit. Despite my obviously higher situation in life, this person thinks I am below him.
Wonderful thing about this is I have parents who have instilled great confidence in me. Such incidents do not harm
It’s times like this that I have to fight the feeling of superiority which I really don’t like. Among my own contemporaries I do think I have earned their respect. Infact , sometimes I think I am too hard on guys, as I insist, they have to earn my respect by a far tougher scale.
But I wonder , if this be the case with me when I step out of my safety zone, what about so many others who are not as lucky as me. When will women truly be respected by the Indian Mass? What should she do, to prove herself worthy of respect? Is it so everywhere?

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