Friday, March 9, 2012

Another 5 Random Thoughts

Time for 5 random thoughts.

- From the last one week or so , I am seeing less of ashy prinia and more of purple sunbird , male and female. I Saw the Oriental magpie robin twice where I used to see the Asian Pied starling. Did not see the Red Wattled lapwings near office but saw one flying near the market. The lapwing looks more awesome when it flies. Almost like a beautiful kite. Now I think I can recognise the silhouette of many birds. Trying to identify the calls. I can identify the lapwing's call. Screechy hoarse. Heard the purple sunbird today. What a extremely high pitch voice for something so small!!! Did not see the Indian robin for some days. I wonder where he has gone?! The male of the species look really attractive. The females don't look pretty at all. That is the natural order of things. The guys have to prove themselves worthy of being chosen by the gals. When did it all change with respect to human beings????? I wonder!!!

- Decided to try out 5 new recipes this week. Want to cook something new. Wanted to try all vegetarian ones but Hubby wants 2 non veg too. Thinking of trying out recipes from Sumi's kitchen.

- Hubby bought a fountain pen for me, for my birthday. There is more time for the birthday;he just bought it now itself. It looks very modern. I have to fall in love with him- the fountain pen. That's the relation with fountain pens. It's like a marriage in some ways I guess. You learn to hold it. The rough edges get smoothed. The nib adjusts with your style of writing. You start handling the pen better. Then the relationship between the pen and you becomes such that , no other pen would do.

- Look at me comparing a fountain pen with marriage!!!!! \

-Blog status is a very addictive thing you know. I keep wondering, Do people like reading me or do they run away after reading the posts???!!!   :)

Ciao.... Have a wonderful weekend. Friday evenings are the best.......


  1. I love reading your blogg!
    I haven't used a fountain pen for ages,I think the handwriting looks much better using one.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for this comment. This is the first thing i read in the morning and i felt so happy.

    I am slowly getting used to this fountain pen. I guess after school no one uses the fountain pen that much.

    Wishing you a great day Mette :)

  3. Even I had one favorite rather very lucky ink pen.. It was a Sheaffer.. someone gifted me.. I think i used it for some 4 to 5 years.. wrote all exams with it.. used to leak a lot towards the end but still i continued using it.. I think I wrote all my SSLC exams also with it..

  4. No I don't. But I kept it with me a long time even after I stopped using it..It started leaking a lot.. Then I missed it somewhere. I even had a huge collection of nibs for ink pens..

  5. I used to have a white hero pen like that. After that , no ink pen ever stuck long.

    By the way, I am going to blog tomorrow.:). Found out that i was addicted to reading and commenting more than writing itself. Now that I am not writing, I am reading even more. :O


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