Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Report - 250 days

1st March 2011 will be 250 days since I started the 101 things to do in 1001 days. Here is the first report on my 101 things.

Completed Ones

10.Make Dosa Batter.(26.07.2011) - It didnot come well. The type of rice is very very important.

33.Buy a small sewing machine.A tiny one will do.(done)

45.Link one post to a social networking website.(Completed on 29.06.2011)

50.Get 100 blog visitors on any one day.(Did on 29.06.2011)

53.Bake a cake.(Done on 31.12.2011) - I know, does not look good na, but it was my first !!!!

54.Won't use the laptop/computer for 1 day.(1.1.2012)

62.Host an Onam Sadhya(Feast). (Done if it is applicable even if my hubby was the only guest)

63.Hang a Star for Christmas.(Done Christmas 2011)


64.Hang Colourful lights for Diwali.(Done Diwali 2011)

71. Make a list of Books we have.  (Done 29.02.2012) - 195 books , not bad huh?

75.Block all the sim cards I am not using now. - I think I have done that .

82.Talk to one neighbour to whom I have never talked before.

89.Write a "Moments I love you more" list for hubby-Did it . But can't post here....

90.Do some gift check thing for Nieces and Nephew.(Wanted to do this from the day i started working. Done .)

Goals I am regretting

There is a common  thing in all these goals. You think you can find out what it is ???

9.Review a book every month.(1/33)

28.Do exercise for 21 consecutive days.

34.Learn to sing 25 Bollywood songs.

36.Get up at 6.00am for 21 consecutive days.

66.Weigh 65 kgs (ie lose around 4kg) Now it has become 10 :(

68.Write Housework routines for 31 days and follow them.

69.Follow a beauty routine for 21 days

79.Pray for 21 consecutive days.

OnGoing Goals

35.Two Glass paintings.(1/2)

39.Learn a poem by heart.(24/48)

42. See 25 Disney Animated Movies I have not seen yet.(12/25)

57.Find 25 blogs to follow (18/25)

17.Make a playlist of 101 fav. songs.
12. Try 50  recipes I have not tried before.(11/50)
7.Go for all the Heritage Walks organised by INTACH delhi chapter.(Except Mehrauli walk)(1,2/4).

4.Read 10 Autobiographies/Biographies(0/10). - Started with Mein Kempf. I think it should be equivalent to atleast three autobiographies. 

OK , That's my report  for 250 days. I love March. March has my Birthday in it. This month will be a great month. I feel it. (please God) 


  1. My birthday is in March too, March 1 in fact. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you will visit often.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm just glad to see you're still working on your goals. as for the ones your regret maybe change them a bit to better suit your current situation.

  3. on the goals you are regretting- all the goals seem to have a relatively high number of days to be followed continuously to make it count as achieved. you could have committed for a week for starters and not 21,31 days from the outset.. thts a tall ask

  4. Yes, exactly. In my enthu on making goals i didnot think that much. I was thinking, 'Ah its easy... i wanted to make a habit out of it'. If it were 7 days, it would have been so much better. I should write a post as to how not to write a 101 goals list :)


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