Monday, March 26, 2012

Joy of Giving Card - Week 22

Avoid Plastic for Seven Days.Use Cloth Bag Instead.

The sewing machine in my parent's house has helped my mother (and me) sew a lot of things. One of the things my mother used to sew was cloth bags. She used to recycle my father's old pants into durable and strong cloth bags. And my father used to take these bags whenever he went for groceries. I guess he still does.

Theirs was a generation in which nothing was wasted, even the free flimsy plastic covers. Father used to take a plastic cover for milk packets and the egg dabba for buying eggs. Very very rarely did my parent's house ever have too many plastic covers. In fact i don't remember if it ever did. Infact as a child, I remember scouring the house for the bubblegum type plastic covers to make plastic flowers and hardly finding two or three.

How easy it is to forget such subtle lessons. That's why I like Ritu's en devour for Joy of Giving. Truthfully speaking, most of the cards are nothing new. Come on, Let's give our parents some credit. They have already taught us many of these lessons. 

Then why follow these  these Joy of Giving Cards?
Well my dears, it's because they are reminders,extremely important reminders. We have to go through these reminders again and again and again; Else it's so easy to forget.

Nowadays I try a bit harder. I try to CAB (Carry A Bag). Please visit Ritu's page and go through the video she has composed.In her video she has emphasized the importance of not using plastics or paper covers for our environment. It's worth it. I am still trying to  CAB and am not 100% CAB - ing. I am still trying to make it a habit.

Now, I have two three small plastic cover's in my handbag and a cloth bag which we bought for 5 rupees from spencers retail. Instead of home delivering, nowadays we try to get groceries when we go for a walk or while we come from office and use our plastic covers or cloth bags.

We refuse bags, plastic or paper from shops as far as possible. I give my hubby  a plastic cover or two when he goes grocery shopping or vegetable shopping and thereby, trying to reuse the ones already in our house.Sometimes Yes, we forget or we feel lazy and indifferent but the habit is slowly kicking in. Hopefully, soon we will kick out plastic covers and paper covers from our lifestyle completely.

By sharing this, I Hope to inspire you too the way Ritu has inspired me. 

Let's do Mother Earth Proud.

Hope!!!! Such a sweet word...


  1. Great and important post!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Here they sell paper bags as an alternative to plastic bags. Thanks, now I know this is not a good alternative.
    We try to use only cloth bags.
    We have 4 different dustbins, one for plastic, one for paper, one for organical waste and one for the rest. In addition we have a container
    to collect the neighborhoods glas and metal.
    I agree with you: Let's do Mother Earth proud.
    Wish you a wonderful day.
    Take care.

  2. Even I used to think paper bags were ok but Ritu changed my perspective. You know I really wish India was into recycling properly. Here all the waste goes to the landfill. There is absolutely zero segregation of waste.Only now has paper recycling come to our offices. Hopefully things will be better soon in near future...

    To a better future...


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