Monday, March 5, 2012

On Stories and Story telling

I wonder if I am too childish telling stories especially folktales in my blog. Does one really get too old to listen to stories. How can one get old for that?  I love listening to stories. My elder sister used to tell stories when I was a kid. Then when I started reading storybooks myself, apparently I was too old to listen to stories. Nonsense, says Rahmath. No one is too old to listen to stories.

When I grew up, I promised myself (I make a lot of promises,don't I :).) that Rahmath will always have a story to tell if anybody wants to listen to one. It may be a short one but there will definitely be one. And I asked my hubby to promise me he would always tell me a story whenever I wanted to listen to one. He promised.  One of the stories he told me was the Monk and the snake. Tsyren and his father is the one I told him yesterday. I will always have stories for you. I promise. No matter if you are 5 or 50. Rahmath will always have a story for you.

One of the first short story book I read was a moral science book. It was a bit torn so I have no idea about the name. I think it was a christian book. It had these extremely short sweet stories, each with a moral to them. I loved them dearly. Short stories teach you so many things. Have you read the short stories collection by Paulo Ceolho? Those are enough for imbibing spirituality in yourself and in your kids. Short stories from the Jataka Tales , Panchatantra and similar works from other parts of the world impart wisdom so easily,like a sugar coated pill. The lesson is learnt  with so little effort from the listener's part.

 Do you think you don't need the wisdom anymore just because you are an adult? I disagree. When we grow up we need these stories even more, a lot more.

Of course one should not forget the entertainment factor.I have lost count of the number of times I have told my cousins the story of Ivan and his seven friends or Ivan and his flying boat or Vasalisa the beautiful or Father frost or the Girl who saved her brother from the Geese. Are not these timeless Classics? Are you not curious to know who Vasalisa was. Alas! I cannot tell you too. I have forgotten :(

How is it possible that one gets too old to listen to stories? Doesn't the ups and downs of the story teller's voice excite you? Doesn't the narration with surprises and climaxes, delight you? Don't you like the uncertainty of the plot and the fact that if the story teller stops you won't know what will happen next? Don't you remember the simple pleasure of listening? Isn't it the sweetest?

Recently when I made a list of the books we had, I saw that I and hubby had gone overboard with having books on folktales in our house. But somehow I can't help it. I can buy even more. I want to buy my own copy of Ukranian Folk tales and Russian Folktales and Vasalisa the beautiful. I wish I could get them from somewhere.

{OK, people who intend to get me a gift for my birthday, Look at the last paragraph ,last sentence for hints on a good gift for me ;) }

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