Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Purple Sun Bird

Do you remember the tiny bird I told you about in an earlier post? Well I got his picture this sunday. This sunday we got up earlier than usual, so we went to a park in the nearby sector. It was more of a Green belt than a park and for the first time in gurgaon I saw a number of trees, even banyan trees with their hanging roots. Anyhow, It's a marvel I got this little fella's picture as I was enormously excited to see him and yes, I showed my excitement too by clapping and walking fastly towards him (That's A Big No while birdwatching. hmmm.....I need to tone down my excitement level before going birdwatching with someone) . A professional birdwatcher  would have been scandalized at my performance but this little guy did not mind me that much.  I saw his mate too but did not take a picture because I mistakenly thought I already had a good picture of her. Here he is......

Purple Sunbird (Male)
I will upload the female sunbird's picture in this post itself soon.

It was good morning for us that day. Got some more bird pics that I always wanted to get. They are not that good but good enough. Will upload later. It's quite late now and am feelign very tired.

Good night...
Sleep tight...
Wake up in the morning light...

My elder sister used to sing this to me when I was a kid... I forgot the rest of the lines. Does anyone know????


  1. Beautiful photo of that beautiful, shining bird.
    I get excited too when I see a bird I really want to photograph. Sometimes to excited to get a proper photo.
    Sorry I can't help you with the song.
    Have a wonderful day,


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