Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rahmath goes Birding...

...And Drags her husband along (though he would not admit that, sweet.; is he not????)

Discovered the name of some more birds. :) Maybe it's time I invested in a good birding book. I did not want to do that till now because I was thinking  it was just a phase. Hmmmm..... What time period would you say constituted a 'phase'? I wonder!!!

Anyhow here they are....

1.The Black Winged Stilt

The Black Winged Stilt

Found the name from a birding book  was browsing through in Reliance Timeout in Ambience Mall. I know it's not a very picturesque location but  I was quite excited to see this bird as I thought I had covered all the birds in my neighborhood and was thinking maybe I should start thinking about identifying the subspecies  from now on. So I was happy to see this.

2.The Drongo.

The Drongo
V maam said it was a policeman of sorts of the bird world. In fact it could even give the Crow a run for it's money or food and so apparently, small birds nested near the Drongo residence.Code word :  highly territorial. I was quite surprised as the Drongo was smaller compared to the Crow. Notice the slit in the tail? The slit is quite prominent when you see it in elevation as opposed to the section as in this photo.

3.Rose Ringed Parakeet.

Rose Ringed Parakeet

One can see a lot of these in any of the prominent Heritage places in Delhi. (in other places also).  The first picture was taken in Hauz kauz, when this parrot posed quite well for a photo. The beak of these birds were beautifully deep red as opposed to the second parrot's picture taken near my office. That one's color of the beak was not that deep. However one can see the characteristic rose ring in the neck area of the male of the species which gives them their name.

Rose Ringed Parakeet

These birds look very stern, don't they. Hubby says it's because of the beak. I say it's their eyes 

4.Spotted Sandpiper?????

I am not sure. I did not even focus this picture. It was in the background and camouflaged quite well. I was too excited about the Stilt bird at that time. This was somewhere in the background and my hubby pointed it out while sorting out the pictures.

Spotted Sandpiper ???

5.The Peacock.

Though I would not say that I thought the peacock was the prettiest bird around, I was pretty excited when I saw one walk past me today in the heritage walk in Hauz Kauz. I mean, when you see something you have only seen in zoos, walk past you as if it's no big deal, you do tend to get a bit excited, don't you think?

The Peacock.

And the final bird in this post

6.The Tailor Bird

The Tailor Bird.

I liked this bird because unlike the purple sunbird it was neither fidgety nor acrobatic. It posed quite well taking the correct amount of time to jump from one branch to another. And it posed quite well for me being an added plus point. I loved the reddish tinge in its head (or crown , if you care for technicality). I think it is a pretty cute bird,don't you?

Finally a note... My identification of birds is quite amateurish.My photographs even more so. I have never gone out with an experienced birdwatcher and the internet (Wikipedia to be precise) has been my guide. Blogs like Mridula's and Chetan's, Search Engine : Google and help from V maam have been my teachers. So in case you find any discrepancy, please forgive me and let me know. I am extremely glad and thankful of any help you can give me in this field.


  1. Great job! I like the pictures, especially the one of the stilt with the reflection. I think if you picture doing it more times in the future then it's more than just a phase.

  2. Thankyou Marcy. I do see myself doing it more. Maybe I will get the book!

  3. Get The Book on Indian birds by Salim Ali.

    1. Thankyou Aravind. I will do that. I searched for it in Flipkart but it's out of stock. I guess, it is extremely in demand. Have to wait for it..

  4. Great post and great work.
    Love all your photos of the beautiful birds.
    See we have some things in common, like "draging your husband along" to go birding/photographing and not knowing if things are just a phase.
    I'm not sure how old the Ram is, I thought it was the same I saw last year.
    Wish you a wonderful Sunday.

    1. Your comment made me smile Mette,
      especially the third sentence :)
      Thank you Mette .


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