Monday, March 5, 2012

Story Time - Tsyren and his Father_Part I

I am sitting in front of my computer not being able to type anything despite having the ardent desire to write. I sometimes feel I have this quota of words beyond which I can never go. Do you know what one should do when they are faced with such a dilemma? Write. Write anything . Anything at all

So here I am writing.

Today I am going to tell you the story of Tsyren and his Father. I read this story in Tinkle and I enjoyed it very much.

Tsyren and his father lived in a little village in Central Asia a long long time ago. It was ruled by a tyrant. One day Tsyren saw a horseman coming . He was having a proclamation which said that the King was going to migrate and so, all able bodied men, women and children were to get their belongings and migrate with him.

"What about Old people?" Asked Tsyren, thinking of his father. "you will have to leave them behind" Said the horsemen before galloping away.

"What will you do my son?" Asked Tsyren's father.

"Come what may father, I will not leave you behind." Said Tsyren.

The next day Tsyren came to the village square with a huge basket tied on his back.

"Oh Tsyren are you moving along with your hut????" Teased the other villagers. but Tsyren just smiled.

All of the villagers followed the King. Until they reached a clear lake. The king looked inside and saw a huge Gem shining at the bottom.

"Get me the Gem" He ordered. The ministers tried to reason with the king saying that the lake was too deep and no one could survive that long in water. But the king was Adamant. One after another young men went in but no one came back. Now it was Tsyren's turn.

Tsyren ran to his basket and opened it. Do you know what was inside???

Why! it was his very own father.

"Father what should I do? The king insists that the Gem be bought but the lake is too deep. I will surely Die"

"Don't worry my Son" Said the Father. "Just do as I say".

Next day at dawn , Tsyren came with a goat skin bag at his back. He dived in the lake. When he went deep and wanted air, he took a pipe from his bag and breathed in deeply with his mouth.

"What a great idea" the king remarked when Tsyren came back with the Gem.

"How did you get such an ingenious idea???" The king asked

"Hmmmm I just got it somehow" Said Tsyren and slowly moved away.

And the Journey Resumed.

Stopping for now. Want to hear more????

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