Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 Random thoughts

- Wrote two posts in the last three days. One was "The reluctant homemaker" which hubby requested not to publish and the other, I have not yet finalized. I will publish it tomorrow. The content of the reluctant homemaker is just about her. I was hoping that, writing about it would help me in managing all my conflicting feeling about taking care of  a house and a career at the same time. Well, if it was a series, the title of the today's post would have been, "The Reluctant Homemaker takes charge" :)

- I and HK (a childhood friend extremely special to me ) both wanted to read the Quran . So we decided to fix a time and read a specific amount of verse with the meaning in our respective homes (I am in the Haryana and she is in Kerala - opposite parts of the country). After that we would discuss it or something through phone especially words which move us in some way. So we started it today and it was a grand success. Felt really good after that. I was afraid I may have forgotten to read Arabic so I found a link in which there is this person reading it. Gosh, he reads it so beautifully, I had to fight to concentrate on his words and not his voice. Even though I understood absolutely nothing, it felt very peaceful.

- I thought I should spend only 15 minutes today blogging. But I find that it is too short a time. 10 min is already over :(

- Is writing a personal blog narcissistic???? But I believe one should give a healthy amount of importance to oneself. When people don't give enough respect or importance to themselves, they are not ultimately very happy people. And then, that causes more problem. Anyhow I love reading personal blogs. I love knowing about what other's lives are about. I  love to know their story.

-15 minutes is up. Gotta go and make rava dosa and chutney. Do you want some???? :)


  1. What a great idea to do with your friend. I just looked up Haryana--I would love to go to India someday. I looked up rava dosa, too, and yes I would like some. :)

  2. Yes, is it not. I am glad HK thought of it.

    You should come to India someday. And if you come to Delhiand I still here, I will show you around. And then we can have some rava dosa too :)

  3. Lovely bird shots! If anything interesting you come across in your reading, or life, can be translated, that would be good - don't forget, your life is probably so different from ours that
    anything about India will be of interest here!

  4. Thank you Margaret, I will remember that :). Infact I feel the same way when I read non Indian blogs. However , I have found out one thing common everywhere. Emotions are the same!!!!

  5. I agree with Marcy, a great idea to do with your friend.
    I had to look up Rava dosa too and it looks delicious.
    Yes, pls. I'll love to taste it.
    Wish you a wonderful day.

    1. It is a great idea. I will tell Hummee, she will be so happy to read your's and Marcy's comments.
      Maybe someday we will meet and I can make some rava dosa for you :)

  6. Thank you Marcy and Cameracruise :) The good understanding between Rahmath and me is making it work nicely.(Mashallah).


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