Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 Random thoughts

1. I have began to use this i.e 5 random thoughts whenever I feel I am in a rut. I feel as if I have been using it a whole lot nowadays.

2. Cleared the overhead tank today. It was fun but extremely exhausting.

3. Slept at 4:00 am (I suspect I do suffer from insomnia of some kind, must have got it from my mom) and got up at 7:00. No wonder I am cranky.

4. Hubby went to Spar supermarket with GS and bought prawns, fish and mutton. Going to try Prawns Olathiyathu from maria's menu. Let's see how it comes.

5. Watched two disney movies today. a) The Reluctant Dragon and Peter pan. Enjoyed both. The disney movies of 40's sometimes had the supporting cast too with sprinklers of animation in between. At first it was very boring .Now I have gotten to appreciate it. I had read Peter Pan and had found it very boring. But the movie was good. Another book turned Disney movie to watch - Alice in Wonderland. Somehow I never enjoyed the book after the initial chapters. I could never understand what was happening. I had lost my interest in the book afterwards. Maybe I will understand when I see the movie.

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