Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Avengers

Went to see the movie The Avengers today.Really enjoyed it. Better than Captian America, Better than "Thor" Way way better than Green Lantern. but lesser than Iron Man 1 and 2. All the characters were well etched out. Tony Stark's attitude was awesome as usual. Liked Thor in this movie than the movie "Thor". Jokes were tasteful and blended into the script well infact bursts of laughter could be heard in the theater every 10 min or so. Animation was great. What else is it required in a Superhero movie?? Good Entertainment.  I have never read any of these comics , I was more the fan of Batman, Superman, John mmmmm the Justice league of America especially Batman. Anyhow, if you enjoy superhero movies, maybe this Is worth a watch.

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