Friday, April 13, 2012

The first time I heard this sentence

Today for the first time in my life I have heard this sentence. " It is true you are a working lady but you are a housewife also. You HAVE to get up early in the morning and cook lunch "

I was so surprised to hear it come from a person I really really respected. I thought he was a very balanced person but he seems to be a prey of this society too. But I really like him. He is a nice person so it's ok. Ofcourse I told him not to tell that I "have " to do something because I have a XX chromosome. And I also unshamedly told him I am not willing to stress myself that much. Was he scandalised? I don't care.

Today you know what  I would say, Thank God I married my Husband. Even if by chance I ended up with someone who thought this way, I would be either divorced by now or have been living a very unhappy life indeed. I cannot bear hypocricy especially things which one has absolutely no control on  say race, colour or gender or even religion..

When I was working in chennai just before my post graduation, one of my collegues asked me if my parents were looking for a groom for me. I said not now because I am trying for M Tech. She asked me if I had any preferences. I said... Not much. Then she said, Rahmath tell your parents to be very careful while choosing a guy for you. There are certain things you will never be able to accept. I said amused ....OOOOOOOOOOK!!!!

She didnot even know me, but how true was her words. After marraige I have a feeling that I am not at all marraige material in the sense that we are brought up. I mean there is no way I think I should get up at 6 and cook breakfast , lunch and dinner while my husband has his bueaty sleep. There is no way I think that my career automatically is less important than my husband's career, there is no way I think that I should and should not do certain things JUST because I am a girl and there is certainly no way i think its ok for the husband not to do any housework. I am so so glad I am married to him. It has it's problems as he doesnot beleive in chivalry but he is one the most most balanced men I know. Never has a sentence escaped from him mouth that I "should" or "should not" do some things. Yes I had an arranged marraige..... Arranged by God.   Touch wood. Everything works out just right ultimately.Pray for us...


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