Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goal 26 - Officially over Yay!!!!

Congratulate me people. Rahmath has done it. Walked minimum 15 minutes for 21 consecutive days. Though I must admit, there was one day I did not walk that much but I have decided to waive it off. I had gone to the park to walk but I was scared of the two huge dogs there and came back as I was alone that day. If they were not there , I am sure I would have walked. Anyhow I compensated the remaining time the very next day. So I consider this goal officially accomplished.

Its a long time since I did something every single day and so I feel really good about it. Now there is hope for some other goals. I had almost given up on them thinking I do not have that much commitment. But  proven otherwise. Yay for me!!!!

By the way Really Really need to thank my hubby for coming with me everyday. Couldn't have done it otherwise.


  1. That's awesome! Great job sticking with it.

  2. Thank you Jennifer & Marcy. So happy :)


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