Saturday, April 28, 2012

Goal 57 - Find 25 blogs to Follow

One of the Goals I had in my 101 list was to follow 25 blogs. Obviously I didn’t intend to follow any blog just to make up the list. At first it was very difficult to find them but now I think I might be having more than 25 blogs that I am following quite ardently. I am not going to post their links here. You can easily get them if you go to my blogger profile or my sidebar. Just some of my thoughts on my journey through this goal.

            * Once you find out a blog to follow branch out from their blog roll to find even more blogs of your interest. Chances are that you will like what they read if you like what they write.

            * Never judge a book by its cover and a blog author by the posts he write. You may conjure up someone in your imagination and then you may be disillusioned. Never think that the other person may be broad minded. I normally read the comments and the responses. If the commentators praise the author a bit too much or are too careful about the author’s ego, I run away from the blog. By the way this is not applicable to photography or DIY blogs.

            * When I first started reading blogs I almost want to stop writing. I was awed and felt very small indeed. But then I realized something. Some bloggers may write better than me; some worse than me...but no one just like me. For that I will have to write it myself. Bad posts???? No biggie... The stars would not be this beautiful if there was a white sky. Hey! You may not even see the stars! Bad posts are as important to a blog as good posts ;). So donot be afraid Darlings.... Write.... Write....

            * Following blogs gave the variety which my life missed after coming out from college. Once you start your professional life, the kind of people you meet are normally the same. The have almost the same interests as you. Now I have friends (even though we don't know much about each other) who talk about their different lifestyles, of different countries, of different ethnicities, of different professions and interests....its Awesome to be a part of that.

           * By following the photography blogs and the commentators in those blogs I learnt a lot about how to look at a photograph. Now I can appreciate the beauty of a photograph better.  I actually can understand now when people talk about contrast and taking a macro. And I realized that wonderful photos make me very very happy. Especially those of flowers.

            * My very first friend in the blogging world, Marcy always comments so well. At first I used to just like a post.I never knew why I liked a post. Nowadays I am learning to actually describe what I liked about the posts. I have learnt that from her comments.

            *Always ....Always reply to the comments you get. Always acknowledge the comments you get. It gives an awesome feeling to the one who comments. At least I feel really great when someone replies to my comments. So I try to reply too though sometimes I can only reply in monosyllables. Saw this first in Sugar and Spice’s blog.

            *Comment moderation is there for a purpose. Use it well. Don't post the comments if you don't like it. Send an email to the person explaining why. You are just defacing your own space by posting bad comments. On the other hand, posting only the comments which make you look good is the cheapest thing you can do. And please don’t allow your fan base to bash someone up. Puts normal people off from your blog. IHM is an awesome moderator.  I know if I cross a line she will not allow me to. That IS the purpose of comment moderation right?

            * Agree to disagree. Just because someone didn’t like something you wrote in one post doesn’t automatically mean he/she hates you. No one is that important. Who has time to hate someone else?????? Everyone is different. They may like something, they may not like something. No biggie. After all once you write in a public space you Are putting your ideas out for criticism. 

So thus ends this long post where I have put all the wisdom I have obtained from following blogs. Bravo if you have reached till here.  

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Lots and Lots of Love



  1. Great ideas here, Rahmath. I always like hearing your perspective. I will be checking out the blogs in your sidebar. Congratulations on accomplishing another goal!

  2. Thanks Marcy :) I have to add more blogs to my sidebar. My net keeps acting up and gets cut before I click save settings hence there are only 23 right now.


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