Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A post from the past - The Optimist

I think writing such long posts has drained me a little. I write  then delete , then write then delete again . But I do want to post something...... Anything......So I think it's time for another post from the past. I don't even remember if I have posted this in this blog before. Every author or a poet has a special work of theirs which they love. If I dare to call myself a poet, I would say that this poem was my favorite. I have written many other poems, my friends have preferred some others to this one ,but still .... it has and will remain my favorite.

So today I present it to you. I hope you like it....

Written:   Jan of 2006

The Optimist

On a very rainy day
You see the glittering jade
On a very sunny day
You find a cloud to shade

Troubles always pursue you
But can rarely make you frail
Love always eludes you
Still it does not make you pale

You see the smiling face of hope
Where hope can never be
Your strength lies in you heart
yet for everyone to see

Look at you, who runs around
At fates beck and call
But you my dear, an optimist
Will never ever fall


  1. Beautiful poem, I understand why it's your favorite.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Very beautiful....
    Yes -'an optimist will never ever fall'

  3. Thankyou Mette,

    Thank you Humee...


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