Friday, April 20, 2012

Where can I buy some Time???

I wish we lived in an Enid Blyton world where I could one day wander off into the faraway tree or go meet some really cool pixie who would sell me some time.

Life is and has been really hectic the last two weeks. Today is friday and I hope we will be able to get off work at the normal time. I would love to laze in front of the TV see a good movie and eat pizza. Unfortunately out side food is not agreeing to either my stomach or Hubby's stomach so we have to cook everyday. Our body is still getting used to the summer. So no more one day breaks from cooking for us, at least not for the time being.

Yesterday we bought the Red spinach from a nearby market. It is so rarely available in North India but this place, where the market is, has a lot of Malayalee ( People who speak Malayalam - the language of the state Kerala, the place I come from) population and so the vendors there have adopted themselves to sell things that malayalees  are sure to buy. Anyhow nowadays I guess there is not much divide between the North Indian and South Indian cuisine. My North Indian friends relish the South Indian food like dosa and vada and sambar. It's like a different thing for them . hahahaha like aloo parantha and Sookhi roti for me.

It's really time for me to try more recipes. It's time I looked up on my 101 things to do in 1001 days. I am neglecting it too much. At this rate I won't even complete half of my list.

For a better tomorrow!!!!!


  1. I just looked over your 101 list. You have made some really good progress on a lot of them! I haven't done much with mine lately either. Maybe you could cook a meal from the list since you have to cook anyway?

  2. Hopefully i will be able to complete one goal today. Can't say which becasue I am so afraid i will jinx it :). Ya I should try some new recipes!!!


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